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  • goldenseth Jul 16, 2013 9:24 PM Flag

    took a while

    Just to go through the logistical steps, but we figured it out pretty certainly. I will send out a newsletter tomorrow outlining without any doubt why GMCR can't get in without SODA and /or SODA'S blessing. Naturally the analyst all have a Skype meeting at 11:00 where CLAG will be presenting the report and taking questions. Yes we spoke with mgmt. And while they can't comment on future developments or answer forward looking statements, Daniel did say we came up with the most logical perspective regarding the topic he has heard since the trademark headline. Sleep easy!

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    • gee seth, that post is the biggest piece of company propaganda i have ever read. do they pay you? yes or no?

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      • goldenseth Jul 16, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

        Uh, sir don't you do that as well. Respectfully, I just want shareholders to get their SODA related information from a well -respected source. A source that invited shareholders to buy at a very reasonable price of $30 last year. A source which has accurately projected the growth of Soda. I wish the same for you And there is no crying in SODA! By the way it's Sethy to you!

        Bcart, unfortunately not everyone can ad up the pieces and draw the right conclusion, case in point our gentleman friend above whom I hope to assist with some well rationalized understanding. In jest, my father use to say, "Seaver you can wish in one hand and #$%$ in the other and see which gets filled first ". Still worth the effort though.

        I guess in the most simplest terms if we look at Hamilton Beach, Breville, Samsung and Whirlpool we have to accept the most visible fact there is, you go with SODA if you decide to go. Whirlpool is a $16 billion revenue company. OK maybe some didn't hear that so one more time; Whirlpool is a $16 billion company and guess what, they understand what Hamilton Beach understands and Breville understands, you can't replicate SODA'S CO2 network, you can't even compete with it profitably as Cuisinart is finding out the hard way. GMCR is a $4 billion company. GMCR is a $4 billion company. GMCR is a $4 billion company.

        JIM don't worry we also walked through SBUX, even less plausible my friend. Anyway I laid the foundation and tomorrow I will lay the bricks so everyone can have a house party. Good luck and be well all!

    • It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out. Most trademarks go nowhere. If this one DOES, it's a win/win for SODA and GMCR.

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