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  • blueleon Jul 20, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    i dont lnow how many sites

    There are showing an RFID chip reader that is about size of a pin head. Relays to a CPU and can be customized for about any application. I guesstimate 200 give or take. He is still at it Jim, as polite as Seth was he can't let it go. What is pretty awesome though is how he got absolutely positively railroaded in his disposable CO2 THEORY. from every angle Seth killed his logic. Love the "people Hate " part. Oh and adding steps up. Nothing Vegan said made any sense IMO. Its more e o friendly to throw more metal into dumps while soda recycles all there cylinders after 5 years and pretty much nothing goes into the dumps. Its not a fair fight really.

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    • Sorry Seth, you're confusing a powered RFID chip (tag) with a RFID chip READER. Doesn't surprise me at all since you think RFID can work without a chip. Post links if you got proof, because there will be none, especially not a battery powered one. Let me just tell you even if you have 4x the battery capacity than conventional battery technology, you still won't get enough battery life to collect enough data samples to make a useful trend. That is how absurd, or should I say breakthrough, your battery technology is, paired with the breakthrough of your tagless RFID device that can count people. I'm ready to talk numbers when you are, for example how many hours do you keep that thing running per day, for how many days? What's the size of battery? What's total device operating power consumption? How much is the bill of materials to make such a device?

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