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  • drjohnlong drjohnlong Jul 25, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    Lets assess the situation:

    1. Great NPD numbers.
    2. Earnings pulled forward by more than a week.
    3. Forward PE less than 17.
    4. CAGR of 47%.
    5. 1 billion in revenue in 2.5 years.
    6. New and expanding partners with global brands.
    7. Multi-million installed user base.
    8. CO2 moat.
    9. 3.5 days until earnings.
    10. Management that has never let investors down.

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    • forgot to be considerate. it's an a.d.d. thing...

      Thank you for your hard work, Dr J.

    • 11. Goldman games.
      12. Loud shorts.
      13. The kid is in.

    • drjohn, great summary and well stated. But there is no secret about any of this data - why does the smart big money see it differently????

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      • The "smart" money is working at short term trades. If you are a trader try to follow that money.
        Here's the thing, if you believe in the long term trend and that SODA will be much higher at some point, draw a line that begins here, today, to that point. Now ask yourself, do you want to risk getting out today because of the trading activity of the "smart" money or do you want to cash out at some point much higher along that long term trend.
        No one can be certain of where we open next Wednesday, but odds are that the numbers will be good and given that most sellers have sold, I figure higher than lower is the smart bet today.

      • I wouldn't necessarily describe it as "smart money" so much as big money. When you have funds that collude to drive a small cap's price down what do you call it? Soda is manipulated or if you prefer controlled. The funds play it both ways. No price movement means no $ to be made. 3 more days....

        The management is doing their job and that is all we can ask. Eventually the PPS will follow the fundamentals. Of course we were saying the same thing back when Soda was $30.

      • THe big boys want next qtr's forecast numbers reconfirmed before loading up. Next qtr is the big number. It will be exciting if they increased next qtr's or yrs. numbers. Go Soda

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • but the stock is sinking in price as of late....and the price does not lie, at least in the short term. That being said, I am a nervous long at this point !!!!

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      • I understand your position gattelaro. I am a little nervous too but i have been here many times before with other stocks. I have lost quite a bit of money because i didn't stay the course in something i believed in. UA is one for sure. I was down ALOT!! if i had held on, i would have been thousands of dollars richer for sure. SIRI also.

        I think the stock has tanked because of the worries with co2 and GMCR. Unfortunately, most consumers arent the ones buying the stock, its the investors. I just keep telling myself this is a great product and i love my unit. Should have bought one 3 years ago! As long as the product continues to grow in sales and become a household name, nothing will stop this stock from going up.

        GMCR has the adults that buy their Keurigs. The adults are the ones with the money, not the kids. Lets face it, most kids like soda. America is a coffee drinking nation no doubt. I dont think the Keurig would do as good in other countries as it does here with the exception of maybe South America. Soda is worldwide though!

      • Agree with you and the market tells a story...I too think it is being manipulated but stop loss with a portion of my long

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