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  • boraisinora boraisinora Jul 31, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    Does a stock ever beat the short interest this great?

    Does a stock ever beat a short interest this great? And if a stock price can never beat a great short interest then should short interest be allowed? If it is a defacto insider scheme to defraud the American Investor then it is a relic of the Dutch East Indies Corporation- really mercenary pirates hired by some evil king or queen? It needs to see the sunset?

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    • In other words if the act of "piling on" is all that is needed to effectively prevent a stock price from going up; then what place does "piling on" have in a Democracy with the Constitution of the United States? Some things need to be revisited; in regard to modern understandings; modern understandings of the health and general welfare of everyone of us human beings living on the planet earth? The question being what good does it do us to have wealth and power concentrated with those who have "pile on" mentality? It just piles up a future liability until the "pile on's" need to be summarily defeated?

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