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  • bostonlivewire bostonlivewire Aug 2, 2013 11:06 PM Flag

    fxmchugh do you even know what a short is ? I think NOT open mouth insert foot !

    fxmchugh you have no idea what you are talking about deep pockets ? Give up short position you don't even know what that means ! Its one thing to be thought of as stupit and another to open your mouth a remove all doubt !

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    • Since you know so much why is 47% of SODA stock shorted? There are better short positions out there than a good solid company like SODA..This is not a good stock to have a short position in....Soda keeps beating qtr after qtr and yet there has been no real panic short covering even with Samsung anouncement, Walmart Stores Distribution etc. The only real short panic was when covering took place premarket @ $80.00 plus a share. My understanding of a short position is to own the stock long and just wait for the day sooner than later where there will be there a huge turning point within the company where as the shorts wil be forced to buy back the stock they borrowed as the stock soars past $90.00 / $100 a share. I just hope you are on the right side of the trade when the days come to make some easy fast money.

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