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  • rlolsen_1999 rlolsen_1999 Aug 8, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    IBD is at it again

    Talking up GMCR and making statements of expansion into Soda's business. Just re-emphasizing what the call last night stated. I can't believe people are so gullable not putting all this into a timeline perspective. If and when this might happen Soda will have a stronghold in the US to complement their WW influence. As we already stated on this board it will be the end of 2014 if at all. Go Soda

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    • IBD sucks.....really sucks....I lost more money when I followed their advise...I cancelled that subscription yrs ago

    • goldenseth Aug 8, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

      and more than likely with SODA providing the CO2

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      • I've said it before and will say it again
        1. GMCR is not the first big/well established co. to think they can knock out a newcomer with a hot product once THEY enter the market with their big power and presence . Some may not remember MSFT was going to destroy AAPL's IPOD with their "Zune" --- SBUX was going to destroy GMCR with their Verisimo -- neither happened.

        2. First, let me say, I DO NOT want SODA bought out - but all this buyout talk w/KO/PEP - it seems to me that the best co, to buy/merge with SODA would be GMCR. AND SODA brings MUCH more to GMCR than the other way around. SODA already has a big well established market in Europe and internationally -- something GMCR does not which would probably help GMCR there -- SODA can grow in the US without GMCR.

        3. Why would GMCR want to spend all that capital to enter into a new area with a new machine which may or may not sell well for them (see 1). SODA already has a large syrup base and partnerships that they would bring to the table. These two companies together would rule the hot/cold beverage brewing market.

      • Exactly. I think the other thing that people fail to appreciate is that GMCR has no experience with syrups. Everything GMCR does is ground/powdered. Fine for coffee and teas, but terrible for most other beverages. Syrups make a far superior product and SODA has the experience, infrastructure, and development in place already for syrups.

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