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  • ucbearcats79 ucbearcats79 Aug 19, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    GMCR and Soda

    Seth has his due diligence. But it is not important what he or anyone says. It is about what the market believes and does. Should be interesting to see how the market reacts to news coming out of GMCR on investor day Sept. 10th. Does the news propel GMCR higher and tank Soda? Brian Kelley had just being promoted at KO when he decided to leave for GMCR. Surely, if the guy is not worth beans you do not promote him. Second, Seth has no real knowledge as to how management reacted to Kelley leaving Ko. I mean was Seth in the room? Does he know for a fact they did not try to keep him? All I am saying do not take one guy's word as an expert. Do your own research. Do your own diligence. Then decide.

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    • You were posting under a different moniker(aqua clown I think) a few weeks ago before earnings predicting SODA would tank then. You're a pretty stupid guy. Soda is up 63% over the last 12 months.
      Now you come here touting GMCR as though you really know something. You don't. GMCR is a likely candidate for a major setback as it settles into a moderate to slow growth mode. It's just the way it is.
      SODA is a few years from that point and that's just the way it is. September 10th will not be the day you think it will be regarding SODA. It likely will even be a disappointing one for GMCR as the reality of it's limiting growth rate really settles in.

    • blueleon Aug 19, 2013 8:32 AM Flag

      But apparently he is the expert if that many hedge funds hire their firm. How do you promote Brian Kelley with a incentive package and contract and he breaks it? That doesn't make any sense and we would have heard of that on the news if it were the case. We would have also heard Ko put up a fight if he was so special. His specialness has already resulted in sales growing from the 30s down to the teens, low teens. Glad he's at the helm of that ship!! So basically you're lying as usual. Here's some advice, do your research, but do it better than the #$%$ you post here!

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      • Hedge funds that are mostly short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • You idiot. Read the news printed at that time and I quote from the Atlanta newspaper.."A top Coca-Cola executive who was expected take over the Atlanta-based company’s new North America operations is instead leaving to head Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a much smaller company specializing in single-serve gourmet coffee and brewing equpiment.
        Brian Kelley, who in September was named to become president and chief operating officer of Coca-Cola Refreshments, will become president and chief executive officer of Waterbury, Vt.-based Green Mountain, starting in December.

      • You make assumptions like Seth. Will see who is right. I am not lying idiot. I can say you are lying. I mean I know you probably have your house put on Soda but open your mind. You might learn something

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