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  • johnberchick johnberchick Sep 7, 2013 10:12 PM Flag

    Started building a new soda position Friday.

    Nice descending wedge in an overall larger bullish trend. That wedge is coming to a point and odds favor it resolves itself in the direction of the larger trend....a continuation if you will. It helps that the fundies are also strong....better the two line up. Syria an issue. If that plays out well, this thing WILL go higher. I'll be adding on further weakness as the position is pretty small so far....only a few thousand shares. Pumped most of my dry $$ into AAPL a hundred points ago. ;-)

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    • As we move on with this uptrend the next question we have to ask ourselves how far do we ride this. Don't know if you do what I do. I nimble a small percent on and off as a trade as we move up and keep a big base but as the price increases I will lighten more on the way. The key is what target do we use where we start a larger dump, hopefully at a short term peak. Any thoughts on a tentative target for a short term stock price high for Sept.

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      • Olsen,
        I am a little different from many of the posters here and am a long term investor only. I have very, very rarely established a position and then sold it for short term gains.
        My position was established over the last three years and sold off some chunks at 75,76,77. I purchased back between $58-$59 and now am in past $85 for the next time around. If Soda hits new all time highs I think it most likely will pass them by 10% if not more. If you are a trader, I think I would be purchasing in now and the range will be established after earnings again. The only thing I think you will miss on is the time when earning report and it never again retraces that range. Thus for a trader I really agree with the core and trade around it perspective. I know traders don't worry about taxes, but they are really starting to effect a lot of people for a lot of dollars. This is a long term trend I plan on being in over the next 5-10 years. I had to sell because SODA just became too much of my overall portfolio. Good luck and thanks for all your input. I don't participate much but do try and read a lot.

      • Thanks John. I'm in Apple as much as Soda. I agree that the market doesn't appreciate their upgrade cycle. Millions of 4s and 5s will be upgrading myself included.

        Rlolsen, trade around a core in Soda as a wise man once said. But keep your core. Everything else is gravy.

    • Johnberchick, you have made some of the best calls on Soda's stock price. I think you made the all time best call to start buying at $33 last year. That was when Israel was about to invade Gaza. The stock was selling off from the mid $40s. That was when Mika got discouraged and sold all of his position in Soda. When all the discouraged and impatient sell out, the stock is ready for it's next run. $90s this year?

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