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  • dirtywill88 dirtywill88 Sep 10, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    GMCR's presentation is a disaster

    literally... to even engage in the idea that they will compete with SODA w respect to home carbonation is delusional... It is a smoke screen that has severely disipated with today's poorly chosen forum.

    These are the days when Soda longs should feel lucky Birnbaum is running things.

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    • Absolutely, and the "cold" section was BY FAR the worst. What was the R&D guy's lame quote/tag line that hit with a giant thud? "It's certainly looking cooler here?" Something to that effect? Ugh. That being said, if they ultimately partner with SODA for CO2, great. It's an established network they obviously need/desire, especially globally. But, I wouldn't expect much from this piece of their business. It was clear their focus is elsewhere. Seems like they just threw it in as a teaser piece to make everyone happy.

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