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  • lpenergy lpenergy Sep 14, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    Play's Price Point & Marketing

    So, anyone venture to guess what the price point is for the new Play? Right now, the current low price device is the Jet at $79.99 retail. When Daniel Birnbaum said that it had "a price point that will appeal to a larger segment of the market", I am thinking that this could be a device that goes for $49.99. I think that having a product below $50 is psychological price barrier for certain segment groups where they feel they can purchase it without feeling like it is a purchase that they have think twice about it.

    Also, the name "Play" could this be a machine that is marketed towards kids - perhaps where the kids are begging the parents to get the device? I know that Sodastream did an Ice Age marketing campaign in the past. I could see Play twinned with Kool Aid as well.

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    • Soda doesn't give their products away. They have experimented with lower prices and the consumer is less committed to the system. $79 is a sweet spot. Soda will preserve their margins, unless a competitor arrives........ Haven't seen any competition. This is Soda's segment to build and own.

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      • markjackson597 Sep 15, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

        Last year Seth wrote that the company was developing solutions for a $54.99 to $64.99 machine. Given his track record i'm willing to expect a lower price point. But a solution may be that it's not the Play that will be priced below $79.99 but it could be that when that machine is available, the Jet can drop to the lower price range. SodaStream is a genius marketing company and willing to believe that $79.99 won't be the low price for much longer.

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