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  • marlinsblue61 marlinsblue61 Sep 30, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Congratulations pathetic losers

    You have no shame. If it does not walk like a Soda then it is #$%$. But if it makes your pathetic weasel like existence feel better go ahead get together and F+++ each other in the #$%$. Better yet, join a Jewish organization to feel closer to Soda occupied lands. Your problem is that you want EVERYBODY to blindly stay LONG with Soda. Not me. I sold everything last week and have made good money this year. But all you clowns know is to bash anyone if you disagree. SODA is not a good investment right now. Maybe later.

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    • Who has no shame? You are on your 3rd I.D. that we know of. Soda longs don't mind debating PPS, most of the board members trade anyway. Few stay long for tax purposes. Aqua, UC bearcats, marlinsblue.... at least have the decency of keeping your I.D. the same...........

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