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  • tejdem1 tejdem1 Oct 10, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Seth question

    Keep in mind the average rate of machine sales for the nation is right around 2.3 units door/week. I've got the Bloomington, IN region if that is close to you? .81 units door/week as of 10/9/13 midnight. Best Buy is not one of the biggest sellers although YOY they are up significantly.

    THE 2.3 a week average is that for Best Buy?????

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    • How many Keurigs does GMCR sell per door?...I posted a question about this earlier in the week and did not receive appears we are only doing $10,000 per door in revenue per year ($600mm/60,000 doors) or $833 a month or $195 a week in sales per door?...this just doesn't seem like it appears we are selling less than 2 sodamakers a week w/ a mix of flavor and C02 per door...we can do better than this!

      I think the fact that we are only doing $10,000 per door a year, leaves quite a significant upside, but without GMCR comparison I am not 100% certain?

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      • GMCR reported selling 1.5 million Coffee Makers in their last ER versus SODA's 935,000 Soda Makers in the same time period.

        What I don't know is how many store doors Keurig has. However, assume since they only sell in the US that their store door count is probably close to SODA's US store door count. During their most recent ER, SODA said they have close to 16,000 US store doors. Give Keurig a few more since they are in more grocery retailers and call it 20,000 store doors. That would mean they sold 75 Keurigs per store door for the quarter...or 5.8/week. Compared to SODA's 935K Soda Makers in 60,000 store doors or 15.6 per store door for the quarter...or 1.2 per store door/week.

      • Your premise is faulty. Look at the square footage of the typical display. Probably about 2' x 5' or 10 square feet. Double that for isle and back room space, so say 20 square feet allocated to SODA. If your number, $10,000 is correct, that's about $500/sf. The average fashion mall does about $450/sf. I thought I heard Walmart grosses about $250/sf. Therefore, SODA is more than carrying its weight.
        I also suggest you think through what the typical profile is of a SODA customer and where their shopping preferences are. Could be BBB does greater volume per store than Walmart. I get mine at Target and Staples, but have been to Walmart a couple times.

      • goldenseth Oct 10, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

        I didn't respond to your post initially concerning this matter because you are discounting the fact that it's a soda maker, not a coffee maker. When you need your morning soda fix in the way people need their coffee fix, then the comparison would be more reasonable. Respectfully, comparing the two products would not be wise imo. You can compare other aspects, but not rate of sale at this stage of the product category.

    • goldenseth Oct 10, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

      no, Best Buy is significantly lower.

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