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  • tripoley2002 tripoley2002 Oct 13, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

    I own a Keurig Signature and a Sodastream Source

    I am impressed with both, but the Sodastream blows the Keurig away. Here's why:

    Keurig Kcups (even the generics) costs ~$0.40+/cup (6-8 oz) = convenient and easy
    Sodastream CO2 + syrup cost ~$0.25/can (12 oz) = convenient and easy

    I can make coffee in a brewer for ~$0.03-$0.06/cup (6-8 oz). I can buy refillable Kcups and make coffee for ~$0.06-$0.12 cup (6-8 oz). This is no longer convenient and easy. Will anyone EVER sell a convenient Kcup for $0.12/cup? I doubt it. Well, unless you like lead-laced coffee grounds from China, lol.

    I can't make soda easily. Sure, I could buy a soda machine, a huge canister of CO2 and syrup (five gallons at Sam's Club, LOL), but what a PITA. Plus, my white Sodastream Source looks awesome on my kitchen counter (as does my Keurig). I can buy soda easily for a comparable price, but I have to lug it home, store it, AND either recycle it OR toss it in the trash. I don't like that much.

    Can someone sell a generic syrup for less than Sodastream. Probably. Can Sodastream lower there price to compete with them. Yes. Will someone compete with Sodastream on the CO2 refills. Possibly, but highly unlikely.

    GMCR has a problem. SODA, not so much.

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    • Dont you think it is a lot easier to buy 2 liters of soda at walmart for 88 cents? As far as coffee goes, I agree the keurig make be interesting to own. Making my own soda seems boring. I think pepsi and everybody else thinks so too. No one wants to buy out soda. Soda will end up being a very profitable low pe company. There is a answer. If soda was to come out with another product far removed from soda but could use its distribution system, that would drive this company higher. Another LIKE product wont do it. I did a study on this.

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      • No actually. I can buy a 2L of Coke Zero at my Walmart for $1.00 ($1.07 + tax). I DON'T like the $0.88 generics. I DO like Sodastream's flavors though. For some reason Sodastream syrups aren't charged tax in FL (I guess they consider it a food). 2L of Sodastream costs ~$1.36-$1.53 ($0.83-$1.00 for the syrup and $0.53 for carbonation).

        It costs $1.82 in GAS ALONE to drive to Walmart and back. Sure I could buy my 2L as part of my routine shopping trips, but I lose convenience AND variety. So what do I buy on my shopping trip and how much? We like Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Diet A&W Root Beer, Diet Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke Zero, Fanta Orange Zero and lots of other flavors. Do you see my point here?

        With Sodastream I choose what I want when I want. I can store ten flavors (or more) easily. Each syrup is equal to six 2L. I keep a spare carbonator in case I run out. So I never run out of fizz or flavors.

        Also, I just ordered 15 bottles of syrup from Target the other day. They were $75.85. I got a $10 gift card for spending $75 plus a $5 off $50 coupon. So my total was $60.85. Then I got 5% off ($3.04) for using my Target REDcard and 5% cash back ($2.89) for shopping online through Upromise. That brought my total to $54.91 for the entire order. That's an average of $3.66 per syrup or $0.61 per 2L. So my 2L now costs $0.61 + $0.53 = $1.14. Not bad and they shipped it directly to my door for free.

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