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  • beauty90210211 beauty90210211 Nov 11, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    focus on the drinks

    So after being both an investor and consumer of SODA products, my two cents. I hope their marketing starts to move towards the beverage itself. Ultimately, that is what the consumer wants, a great tasting, healthy carbonated beverage option. SODA flavors are excellent and tell a great story. I'd like to see them market themselves more as a healthy beverage brand than an appliance manufacturer...IMHO. I see too much focus on the machine and not the final product. The desire for the drinks outweighs the desire for the machine.

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    • Your comments are right on with one minor albeit significant difference; no machine, no flavors. Ads built on independence from KO, PEP et al, are the door to SODA...Flavors, especially healthful, are what keep us interested.

    • ginoshaw Nov 11, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

      I agree from a consumer and investor view also. They need to differentiate their two lines so the consumer knows exactly that they are either buying the one that has artificial flavors or the one that does not. Sure it is all labeled but let me say the way they list them on BBBY or on the shelves in the stores the 2 bottle types look the same. Myself and a few other people I know bought the artificial kinds and never realized they had the all natural lines. ( This was 1-2 years ago and I think it has changed now, but still could be better. example 2 distinct syrup bottle looks ) If you google search Sodastream/syrup/without splenda the problem was or maybe still is real. Those customers might not return and shelve their system.

      People say syrup sales are not where it is noting the huge C02 sales growth or unit sales, but ultimately a good tasting product will increase unit sales and long term repeat peripheral buying. Not the other way around. Many investors here in the US ( and I believe analysts ) don't understand how Sodastream is surviving and doing so great quarter after quarter because they don't understand the fizzy water market of Europe. In turn I don't think SODA fulyl understands the 2 distinct markets in the US, the health conscious and those who absolutely just want the taste without any compromise.

      Trying to sell the better healthy choice line of syrups to the core US soda consumer base isn't goign to work. And since we have both options they need to be in the consumers face saying I am the healthy choice or the full taste choice.

      Before you argue with me go to BBBY and see if by just perusing the syrup flavors you can see what 2 lines are which pretending you are a new sodastream buyer. Not all consumers are created equal that is why you need to sometimes hold the buyers hand. Do many big Soda players make their diet and regular flavor cans look exactly the same? Or rather do they differentiate? Simple marketing...

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