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  • beauty90210211 beauty90210211 Nov 21, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    shocking manipulation. hedgies save us.

    wow. someone really wants to hold this down and scare anyone and everyone off. #$%$.

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    • Come on man. If a stock doesn't move in your favor don't simply throw your arms in the air and declare manipulation. Frankly I think the weak retail earnings from Target, Dollar Tree, Sear's, Walmart, Kohls are weighing on SODA. That said I am encouraged that the higher end consumers seem to be spending money as William Sonoma and Costco had solid earnings. This is anecdotal but I tend to believe that SODA consumers are more affluent on average

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      • Here's my theory -

        90% or more of the shares are held by hedge funds etc. Now you are one or a couple of them (buddies) get together and plan to make money by writing call options. On a million shares you write call options for $5.00. You take in $5,000,000. Then you defend against upward price movement to make sure the option price goes down and/or expires.

        Since there is very little buying without major positive news it is easily to depress the price. Notice the volume that sold 5,000 shares can drop the price .50. or 10,000 shares can drop it $1.00. So they have big long positions and they sell shares short against their own holding. Down goes the price. Then they cover gradually over time and they pick their spots to cover so not to push the price too much up.

        They have long positions and believe they will cash in when SODA matures but in the interim SODA is a perfect vehicle to make big bucks with options and ez pz to depress the price when necessary.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Sorry Browny. Someone is trying to hold this one down. Whether they are gaming or believe SODA is a dog, that I do not know. These small caps are easily gamed ans this one seems to have a bully. I'm sticking around either way, but it's annoying

      • ...not if you miss on earnings because Walmart screwed up inventory. (affluent on average)

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