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  • tejdem1 tejdem1 Dec 31, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    4M Plus new users this year

    How many in 2014 5M????INSANE

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    • tejdem thanks for the information that you and goldenseth have provided to the dedicated shareholdets this past year. A few thoughts I wanted this board to consider;
      1. .,I am hoping that the company might create a new possible market entry by teaming with one of the major pharmacies in the U. S., either Walgreen's or CVS. We should remember that the concept of soda came by way of a pharmacist back in the 1890's so there is a historic link with the sale of soda and the pharmacy culture. In fact back in the 1950's, there was a pharmacy in my neighbood where you could have a fresh made soda ( lemon phosphate as I recall) prepared at the soda fountain by an assistant to the pharmacist. CVS and Walgreen's sell a great deal of bottled soda so there is a market already available for Sodastream to tap into. These two giants have the shelf space to carry sodasteam machines and the CO2 cannisters.If Sodastream could make this happen the stock might regain respectabilty. 2. Sodastream's advanatges over its competitors has been well documented: envrionmentall friendly, cost effective and convience. Howver the one area that needs more emphasis has to do with the idea of freshness. Both Coke and Pepsi are prduced in a factory months beforeit gets to a shelf. But with Sodastream, you can make a fresh soda. This needs to be incorporated in future ads. These were my two views. If you or godenseth wish to respond, I would be greatful for your comments.

    • Some numbers...
      2013 consensus EPS = $2.57 (per Yahoo!)
      P/E based on 2013 EPS = 19.1

      Q4 2013 consensus EPS = $0.64 (per Yahoo!)
      2013 consensus EPS = $2.85 (if Q4 2013 consensus is met....yes, it's higher than 2013 EPS estimates)
      P/E based on $2.85 2013 EPS = 17.2

      2014 consensus EPS = $3.28 (per Yahoo!)
      P/E based on 2014 EPS = 15.0

      Consensus 2013 avg revenue estimates = $576 mil (per Yahoo!)
      On a 2103 price to sales ratio, SODA hasn't been this cheap since Nov 28 2012 under $38.

      Consensus 2014 avg revenue estimates = $673 mil (per Yahoo!)
      On a 2014 price to sales ratio, SODA has never been this cheap as a public company.

      My personal belief is that the analysts are being conservative. Whether SODA grows at 30% or 28%, the long term growth story is still intact. Somebody just got a great bargain at $48.39.

      With a small cap stock (especially this one with the ), there is a lot of manipulation...etc. It is hard to watch SODA deliver less than 10% over 2013 when a boring S&P mutual delivered 30%. However, fundamentals will eventually take over the stock to move it higher. If you can't stomach the wait and the ulcers, you should probably sell. You will sleep better at night.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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