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  • blueleon Jan 3, 2014 10:04 AM Flag

    Never ends with you people

    Complain complain complain!! Martin and his decapitating calls for the CEO just a reiteration of his prior stupidity. Hey Martin, if you don't like it too bad because they are already voting on his new package and it looks like you're stuck with him for at least another year lmbo!! So sell you stock if you are that upset and stock crying. Either way, shut the eff up already.

    Whose this flavors effer ginoshaw?? What an idi0t!! Record sales in flavors after three years going and he says the flavors are the problem. Yep, that's why the stock is down lmbo??? Just had another record setting quarter with flavors duh.

    Now Soda needs a catalog because people don't want to go on the internet, but they will flip through a catalog?? Must be the catalog they don't throw out that bombard mail boxes weekly and wind up in the trash.

    It's like watching a group of gorillas learn sign language.

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    • ginoshaw Jan 3, 2014 10:10 AM Flag

      Never said that is the reason the stock is down, but you latch onto anything to spew venomous worthless garbage. Any excuse to be what you have been your whole life right? Worthless, annoying and a person the world would never have missed. Sad...
      You are a clear waste of space. Can't imagine what your parents were like. Sadly, I bet they were not around. And I feel bad for anyone that ever came across you in life I bet you brightened their worlds also. You are the poster child for garbage.. that being said ignored as you add nothing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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