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  • radriano44 radriano44 Jan 11, 2014 8:46 PM Flag

    A New Beginning for 2014

    I have been a stock holder for several years and believe that this company given time and patience will redifine the cosumption of acarbonated beverages. Sodastream's major hurdle, I believe, is to wean the public from the purchase of bottled sodas, whatever the brand name. The question is how to do this. The company has incrementally over the last several years built distribution base. However, in order to challene the major players in the industry, i.e. Coke and Pepsi, the company must offer a direct challenge to these behomoths. In my opinion, the way to do this is by offering the soda consumer an alternative.The aveage soda consumer purchses soda in bulk either at their local supermarket or perhaps if they are a senior citizen at their local pharmact uch as a CVS or Walgreen's. What Sodastream must do in these markets is to offer the soda consumer an alternative. S odastream has every thing to gain because it can offer a better choice since the consumer can make their soda fresh and at a signicant savings and also help the environment. These choices and advantages Coke and Pepsi cannot compete with. BUT this is what is crucial for the Sodastreams success, they must offer these advantages at the locations where Coke and Pepsi are sold. Presently, they are a direct challen at Walmart's. But they must get into all the major supermarket chains across the U.S. and the major pharmcies.
    When this take place, Sodastream will become a major player and a major threat to the goliaths.Those who hold on to the stock will become wealthy beyond their dreams if they have patience and fortitude. THhis is my humble opinion.

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    • You mention Goliath. I just started reading Gladwell's David and Goliath.
      David's victory over Goliath was dependent on David's use of tactics different than Goliath. To have fought Goliath sword to sword for example would have been stupid.
      For SODA to fight KO, PEP et al flavor to flavor or even price to price would be stupid. They can always be out priced and flavor is just too subjective.
      So, the best way must be something else.
      For now SODA has chosen the environment and perhaps convenience. I also hope they will choose the mind. Realistically, you have to be stupid to buy Coke or Pepsi. They can't say it outright, but I believe a campaign based on being smarter to chose making your own is a way to beat them.

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