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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jan 13, 2014 8:46 PM Flag

    Newsflash Soda Longs

    Don't expect any quick recovery from this disaster. Furthermore, if they have reached "saturation" in the US on the razors OR the blades( which I find hard to believe!!!!:), they ARE finished. I doubt it, but recovering from this will take at least 3-6 months IMO and she's likely headed lower.She was looking good, but who knew? Not surprising as a lot of retail sucks and that may very well fuel a market pullback-or not:). I'm a market bull by nature so shorting (even indices) isn't my thing, but I truly believe that this market needs to correct in order to push to Dow 20,000. Or not:). I say the divergence between the market and what I feel is a totally #$%$ economy needs to converge.

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    • I have noticed, in most things, stuff happens in waves and then reversals.
      We tend to look for the absolute worst scenario when something like this happens and believe that there is no end to how bad it might get. The truth is something else, i am pretty sure.
      Your observation that this might just be part of the retail slowdown is very likely. That turning this ship might take some time is probably also true.
      In the meantime the pain is excruciating.

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      • Martin-Soda has been going up and down since IPO. The trick(if one wants to play long only-that's me:) is to overweight it at lows(after it shows actual signs of a bottom!!). I have never shorted it, but one can make $$$ either way-because the float is too friggin small!!! I have no pain from Soda. The wife, well..., that's another story.

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      • Here's the real difference between Soda / GMCR. Soda only option is to expand it territory for market share. GMCR is expanding it's product line and building off current partnerships time and time again. Difference between a one trick pony and a True business plan.

    • Agree. Not a short believer either but this may be a leading indicator of retail sentiment. SODA may just for once lead early (on the downside) and also lead to a recovery quickly from the obvious exuberancethat exists in the market today

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