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  • fedele123 fedele123 Feb 5, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    Definately good news here, SODA is valuable

    I do not understand the knee jerk sell off. This validates SODA as a player and Pepsi will have no other choice but to buy into SODA. This stock should be up on this news, 10% for 1.25 Billion, Good for GMCR, SODA will also get its day very soon now. Buy if you can get this on the cheap tomorrow,

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    • LOL, definitely!

    • anyone reason is a good reason to sell soda, or haven't you noticed?

      what's funny is that all of the shorts who were previously saying that sodastream was a fad and a toy and a piece of junk that people put in the cabinet and never use again are now saying that sodastream is going to be crushed by the combined marketing power of coke & gmcr's cold water carbonation machine.

      it just goes to show that traders find any rationalization they need to support their position, despite the fact they have no clue what they're talking about. if it was really a worthless fad that was doomed to fail, then they should be saying they coke & gmcr are digging their own grave by joining SODA in wasting their time with this kind of machine.

      I don't know if pepsi will partner with soda or not, but it would be great if they did. it's about time the nay-saying know it alls that populate these message boards got some egg on their face.

    • Pepsi could sign a deal and be selling there product within months using Sodastream. Beating Coke to the market. SODA management needs to get off their #$%$,

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