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  • goldenseth goldenseth Feb 19, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

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    To perform patents searches and trademark searches. They can save you a whole lot of time and aggravation. Current platforms are going to pale in comparison to what you see in the market today based on recently published patents. Interesting name SodaStream is choosing too. Let's just say when you see the name you might be inclined to think, they know darn near everything that is going to happen in this market segment. Much luck to all!

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    • I agree with Papa. I spent oodles of time at and didn't find diddly squat. Luckily I don't watch American Idol so I didn't miss out on much. So why don't you throw us a bone here and give us a heads up on this patent and trademark search business. Yes, I just used "bone" and "head" in the same sentence.

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      • Highly disappointed in you men of gentle nature LOL! But if I were looking for the next big product from a platform company, I might not be looking at the company itself, but rather other companies that could benefit from its platform. We have discussed it before no? Samsung/SodaStream have a great refrigerator unit and more are to come, but SodaStream has other appliance partners does it not? Step 1 is to get the carbonator into the refrigerator to make sparkling water. Step 2 is...

    • Well I've had enough of that! :) I just spent 30 minutes searching the US Patent and Trademark site and most recent item listed is SodaStream Caps. Tried backdooring my way into something and unless you have previous knowledge of the trademark name, you're going to run into a dead end. D@mn you Seth! I want those 30 minutes back! American Idol is on. That's right, I said it. I watch it.

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