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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Feb 20, 2014 8:05 AM Flag

    Cognitive Dissonabce Part Two:)

    Most people aren't in touch with their faults, or worse, are so narcissistic they think they have none.I get accused of being "arrogant" or "narcissistic" all the time on MESSAGE BOARDS.The written word doesn't contain context, facial expression or tone and, therefore, is either misinterpreted by folks with intelligence or by the jealously IGNORANT(not "stupid" necessarily-THAT's different although SOME are both-Aqua e.g:)
    Also, some men(women are USUALLY bi@tches-not @zzh@les:) are @zzholes, but see, the difference between a TRUE @zzh@le like Aqua is a "true" one doesn't KNOW he's an @zzh@le."Playful" @zzh@les like me know EXACTLY when they are being @zzh@les-it flushes out the IDIOTS who don't "get it":).Also, I'm WELL AWARE of my MANY faults-beats being unaware.One of these faults is I just can't help thinking about IDIOTIC posts, thoughts, etc.Just don't suffer fools well:) So, in my "Cognitive Dissonance" thread, this was posted:)

    greenbead22 • 21 hours ago

    "If you really feel this way, please get out of the market and into the CD's. They are risk free - right??? Then you won't have to stress out writing these comments. Take a few weeks off".


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    • Philly Fed ugly because of the weather.Yo---Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Sooooo, greenbead, guess what? You don't know CH@T about me.I'd post the resume, burt it's in the Soda Archives.Wouldn't want to humiliate you.Just because I believe that the Global and Domestic Economy are
      BOTH on a collision course with either deflation or hyperinflation(I lean towards the former:) doesn't mean I
      won't invest in equities.And, anyone trying to invest based on Macro Economics is a novice as the Market FORECASTS Macro events and can stay irrationally exuberant or ridiculously oversold for LONG periods of time.Also, the Market speaks(never mind:)
      IMO(which could easily be wrong:), the market and the US and global economies are not in sync .Further, I BELIEVE(But, might be wrong:) that a dislocation of SOME sort is almost a MATHEMATICAL certainty.
      I'm fortunate(details none of anyone's business) that I worked hard and saved and invested well and my entire family is..let's just say...comfortable:).So, I never put too much in ANY asset class because wealth preservation is more important to me than being a "hit shot trader".As to me, I earned my "stash" ALL by MYSELF.Where the other FAMILY $$$ came from is no one's business.And, the PUNCHLINE is the only person on this Board who even has a CLUE about me are Bcart(to whom I speak regularly), but especially COLD who has MET me so Greenbead, to quote that bald fool KRAMMER:
      "You know nothing!!!!"-about me anyway.

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      • Sooooo Greenbead, when I see an Administration that believes in wealth DISTRIBUTION, the most PITIFUL post recession(IMO, we are STILL in a recession:) post-recession recovery since 1929, over- regulation to the MAX of businesses(especially small who simply can't afford it), an OBAMAnation:) called the ACA which will further fuel the wealth gap because it will be the MIDDLE CLASS who gets screwed.And, it will cost JOBS as will an ill-conceived raise in the minimum wage(which will just help SOME poor peopke, but put MORE poor people OUT OF JOBS-those mean corporations!!!-LOL:)
        Now, in addition to the unprecedented use by the Executive Branch(including DOJ and State) of the Federal Government against the citizenry(Makes Nixon-a true @@@@-see, I'm even-handed:) look
        like a boy scout, I get just a tad P@ZZED off and worried that the FABRIC of America is being dismantled.For YOUR continuing edudaction:), now the FCC wants to INVADE newsrooms-translation-only Conservative ones as was ADMITTED by employees of the IRS!!!

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