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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Mar 20, 2014 7:53 PM Flag

    On SA

    "Coke and Pepsi Aren't Why SodaStream Will Fail"

    This guy is clueless about Soda and I say to Mr. Dumb@zz Duprey, another ANALyst: "B@te me"

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    • Then, Mötley switches sides!!!!:)

      "5. Pop goes the world
      There will be more soda makers out there fueled by SodaStream (NASDAQ: SODA ) now that KitchenAid is on board. The company that's best known for its stand mixers and dishwashers finally unveiled its Sparkling Beverage Maker, a slick $250 all-metal device that uses SodaStream carbonators to turn still water into seltzer.

      It's a great move for SodaStream, especially after it barely broken even during the holiday quarter given inventory flubs with its soda makers. Having other companies crank out the low-margin starter kits so it can cash in on the spike in high-margin CO2 refills and flavors is a brilliant move."

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    • Its a bit scary seeing a negative article about SODA on the Fool after they have circulated thousands of positive articles almost daily for several years!

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    • A couple reasons why I think this guy is all wrong about the future of SODA -- 1. I'm not convinced that the future of the market will stay with a countertop appliance (AND here is where SODA is already ahead of the pack with the in frig carbonator with Samsung) 2. Having said that, the deal with Whirlpool Kitchen Aid on a new countertop appliance (which I think is quite nice looking and a quality product) is one thing, but can the Sodastream carbonator be far behind in being incorporated into Whirlpool frigs as well?! 3. All this talk about the sugar content in soda (and here is where I do not think as much as could be made about this deal) is SODAs deal with SkinnyGirl sweetners. JMHO

    • It seems to me the article would be more appropriately titled: "Sodastream isn't why Coke and Pepsi will fail"

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      • 2 Replies to tripoley2002
      • I agree with you!! To add to my earlier comments/post - here's another "fly in their soup" so to speak --- I think GMCR (& KO) have gone into an area they may not ultimately be so profitable in -- especially GMCR in the "new" appliance area. (Case in point, remember SBUX tried to knock out Keurig with their Verisimo, not didn't work out too well!!) KO to a much lesser degree won't hardly lose because they will profit on the sales of the syrup (except maybe on their $ investment into the new machine) and here's my point -- once KO (and PEP also with their partnership with Bevyz) package and sell KOCups & PEPCups syrups - if I already have a carbonation appliance (SODA or Kitchen Aid or whatever) I don't necessarily need YOUR appliance!! If what I am wanting is the "real" thing in taste -- there are two kitchens gadgets (very cheap) already in the market (been around for eons) that will let me use your syrups --- one is an ice pick, the other the handy dandy pocket can and bottle opener!!! A syrup is no where near the same principle as the coffee KCups!!

      • Lol Trip!!!

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    • The back and forth both positive and negative on SA and MF is absurd.

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    • "By Rich Duprey | More Articles
      March 20, 2014 | Comments (1)

      One of the bullish arguments for SodaStream International (NASDAQ: SODA ) is the huge runway ahead of it in U.S. households. It's only penetrated just more than 1% of the market here since its introduction a few years back, and the do-it-yourself soda maker predicts the in-home market could be as large as $40 billion and reaching 100 million homes."

      Really? The goal, admittedly conservative, was a 5% penetration. 100 Million Homes? Who told you that Duprey? Muhtar Kent while collaborating with Assad and Putin? Liar.

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