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  • stkmkter stkmkter Apr 22, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    Rich Duprey article from MF

    Another stupid article from Duprey. I get it, you are the "bear" on the debate team for MFs articles for SODA. There are sooo many things to take issue with in your article, but just let me say this - if the Israeli/Palestinian argument was so important to international commerce SODA would not have grown and being growing as fast and successful as it is - and certainly not in eastern Europe where all the enlighted/peace loving liberals live, where their presence is anywhere from 10 to 25% (Sweden) more than they have grown here.

    Another thing, 60 Min. a couple years ago did a segment on the Palestinians who work in the SODA factory and are very happy for the income and life that they are able to provide for their families. And for Scarlett Jo - well let's just say that is a I quit - you're fired argument. OXFAM was "unhappy" with her accepting the SODA spokesperson role -- they obviously wanted her to give that up - she didn't - "OXFAM said on Jan 30 that it "accepted" Joahnnson's decision to step down because of her work with SodaStream" -- good for her.

    I think your anti-semantic Israeli - pro Palestinian article/debate is better left to the political boards. We all would love to find peaceful solutions to world problems and end these conflicts. But if you are going to take that argument, there is a very big world out there that we are doing business with with A WHOLE LOT of moral issues that we seem to overlook in the name of commerce. I think the Israelis and Palestinians working side by side in any regard is a step forward. I know, you keep saying in your article, right or wrong, I'm just saying...!!!

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    • Very well stated. Thank you.

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    • I have to disagree with your reasoning. I do agree with some of your points. THe point i'm trying to make is people are not taking sides on this issue but a company looking at soda has to take a due diligence approach to protect their existing sales. No one wants to bring a potential problem into ones company without weighing thecost benefit . Wear the shoes of the acquistion team and your job was on the line for this decision.

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      • Rlolsen - I respect the point that you are trying to make, however, having said that, the mere point in your sentence "people are not taking sides on this issue but a company looking at SODA.....has to protect their existing sales" --- if the PEOPLE are not taking sides, than NO company forming partnerships with SODA should have any issue(s) to be concerned about. The fact that Duprey is intimating that any such company partnering with them would/could face possible boycotts and/or a backlash means that people ARE taking sides on this issue!! So again I go back to asking why the Israeli/Palestinian situation is of such more of an issue than the vast world of companies that do commerce that seem to overlook their moral differences in the name of business. And, I might add countries that pose much more dangerous threats to world peace and stability.

      • Bull. PEP could close down all mid east operations and probably only have a $100mm write off from them and totally eliminate the political issue. It is the CO2 distribution, patents and Sodastream first position they would be buying for the most part. Those factories, although very expensive for SODA, aren't really where the big value is to an acquirer. And, if you believe the political thing is an impediment, then shutting those facilities down would get them brownie points among those in the anti semitic world.

      • you mean like the due diligence Bank of America did when they bought Countrywide?
        this is the real world, nobody walks this earth without making mistakes and companies make mistakes every day, you give them waaaaaay too much credit thinking they are perfect. just because you think its a mistake, the person writing the check may not feel the same way regardless if its a mistake 1 year later.

        if any of the 3 potential companies were so concerned with this issue they would have distanced themselves from SODA the same day the report came out and making it clear they dont want anything to do with a company that has a factory in that part of the world.

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