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  • hereforpus2k6 hereforpus2k6 May 27, 2014 1:27 PM Flag

    Why is longs claim all their family, friends, distant relaltives, own a machine

    and yet the US sales are horrible? I mean you would think that with the word of mouth and Superbowl spot SodaStream would be the next George Forman Grill.

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    • George Forman grills DO NOT sell very well today. Maybe a bad omen for SODA?

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      • This is a spurious argument. There is little growth since people who want a grill own one. There is recurring sales of CO2 and potentially syrups here.

        We make mostly seltzer but still use up several cartridges a month.
        It is a great product given how quickly and efficiently the CO2 dissolves into cold water, unlike my brewing CO2 system, because of the aerosol nozzle. We have a cold water fridge dispenser which makes it a breeze to make. I brew/drink mostly beer/mead but the wife prefers soda/seltzer. We've owned for the product for 3-4 years now with no issues. I do make highballs with real sugar and ginger which is awesome.

        The big benefit of sodastream is that it allows making soda to ones desired specifications. I don't like high fructose syrup and like the pure sugar thing when I want a (non-beer) carbonated beverage.

        I recently bought the stock because the product and growth plus reasonable stock price and earnings multiples and lack of debt (since for small companies debt free is pretty crucial for long term viability).

        Bashing on the company is futile at this point with 80% institutional ownership who will obviously not swayed by BS on message boards. The high short ratio is a plus since they will need to cover once the company doesn't go bankrupt next month. I'm long in long term (for gain or loss) so could care less about the volatility in the short term.

        Good luck and due diligence to all.

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    • I owned this stock a couple years ago and sold it after I bought the machine. I'm not going to say it tasted like s**t because it was pretty good. The country time tea I didn't even carbonate which makes the machine worthless. It simply was not worth the hassle to chill the bottles of water, carbonate on the machine, then add syrup and mix around gently so it I didn't have to clean soda off my counter.

      What SODA needs is a drastic price reduction in both the syrups and the machine for the average consumer to find the time and effort involved worth the price. It really isn't that hard to grab your favorite 12 pack of pop off the grocery store shelf, take it home, pop the top and pour over ice.

      My machine is sitting in my garage waiting for the block garage sale.

      One mans opinion

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      • You said it pretty well. I have stated before my thoughts on why SODA can't get traction in USA.

        USA: Cost of a 12% cold soda is about .25$
        EUROPE: Cost of same is about 1.25$

        It's all about $s and cents.



      • Per you, "One mans opinion." That's correct.
        You ever try the Diet Ocean Spray Cranberry Raspberry or the Diet Orange Mango. They are spectacular. The Diet Crystal Light Peach Ice tea also is amazing. I can have them whenever I want. If guests come over and someone needs a flavor I can offer them, I can make it in front of their eyes. They like that. (They should put that in a commercial)
        I think the machine is a blast and I make 2 or 3 bottles a day. One man's opinion.

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