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  • aabdo aabdo Jul 10, 2014 11:31 PM Flag

    Soda have an Amazing market penetration

    I did check Canada where I live, and found out that almost every major retailer carries Sodastream produts!
    In the USA , Walmart the largest retailer carries Soda stream products, need I say more!
    Most people did not hear about this revolutionary product, and therefore, I think we are still at an early stage of great growth and exploding sales world wide.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Loblaw is probably the number 1 retailer in Canada yet to carry SodaStream. Costco Canada does not carry SodaStream either.

    • bobva1 Jul 11, 2014 8:39 AM Flag

      That "early stage of great growth" that you refer to actully goes back to 1928 ( if not earlier) google it ..." history of sodastream". recent relaunches go back at least 4 years. The holiday season of 2014 had product demonstration-tastings in Bed Bsth & Beyond, a d Costco. They ran on two week segments from the week before Thanksgiving and on the second week of December. I am very familiar with the promotion as I shop Costco very frequently. Compared to the lines waiting for the samples of from a Vita-Mix blender or a Keurig brewer there were NONE at the sodastream. Weeks and months later, the soda machine was moved to the back aisle with NO SODA mixes to be found. But the Kcups display had increased to a massive 6 x 6 feet display and the vita mix machine a prominent location at the corner of appliances. Now 4 years later, the K cups have even more space, a d the Vita mix is still featured. Soda has 6 boxed machines in. the back and NO flavorings. SODA is not in a.early stage of growth. It is in a continued long stage of weak sales in part to lack of promotion investment by Soda's marketing department.

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      • Any new blender is just another blender, no innovation. It will just go away once the next TV infomercial promotes the next blender.

        Sodastream is in a new category. Each sale translates to lifelong revenue for the company through CO2 canister repurchases. Based on my personal experience they have a good consumer retention rate, simply because the sodastream machine does something useful that no other appliance can do. My tap water is very unappealing for drinking, but once I carbonate it becomes as good as any bottled carbonated water which costs $4 for a six pack. And I am not a soda drinker.

        With aluminium and energy costs going up, there is a chance that in the next few years can recycling values will go up and result in additional consumer awareness. In terms of consumer demand for healthier beverages they have the upper hand on traditional soda. I think SODA has a lot of potential, but currently they have hit a sang with bad US marketing and the situation in West Bank. With new US management in place I hope the first problem will resolve later this year. They also have an opportunity to resolve the second problem with their new factory. It is up to the management to do the right thing. If they ever fail it is just the management's failure.

      • While you are correcting your dates, maybe consider correcting the entire post to include the fact that Costco has never sold "soda mixes" (syrups by SodaStream). Additionally, If I were to use the Vitamix to compare strength of consumer interest, sales and general sentiment of a product, I might wish to know how the sales actually do compare. In December 2013, SodaStream machines, pick your machine, outsold the Vitamix, pick your Vitamix blender, at an average rate of 13:1. NPD Group offers sales channel POS data on a host of consumer goods including Sodastream, Keurig, Vitamix, Irobot, Hoover, Shark, you name it, as long as you contract for it they will track the sales along available channels. In 2014, SodaStream is currently outselling the Vitamix at a rate of 16:1. But let's just say you overlooked the actual sales data readily available or failed to perform the contract to acquire such data. All anybody has to do is go to amazon and look at product rankings. Fairly certain Vitamix does not have a single blender that cracks the top... mmmm 3,000. Also fairly certain that the SodaStream Jet is readily in the top 100, peaking at #91 just yesterday, some three weeks post Father's Day which has never happened before. Just saying, If I was to offer a product comparison, I might be inclined to do a little more DD and less misrepresented anecdotal comparisons. Guilty, I'm certainly guilty of being that guy at the Vitamix demonstration watching the guy make various blends with his sound speaker system bellowing through the aisles, but very simply put, my need to purchase a $300-600 is in-line with the broader consumer base who says... ehhhhh. Any further corrections you might warrant in your postings I will available to offer.

      • I agree with your statements about under investing in marketing. Apparently they are spending marketing $ in Europe where Soda has greater traction. They will more likely spend more in the US during the all important holidays. This is a marathon not a sprint.

        You are correct that Sodastream has been in existence for almost 100 years. Apple was almost bankrupt before Steve Job's return. The hiring of Daniel Birnbaum by Sodastream catalyzed an amazing run of growth from millions to hundreds of millions of $ of revenue from around the world. Having a visionary CEO brought Soda out of the dustbin.

        The benefits of Sodastream: freshness, customization, less plastic waste, less lugging heavy bottles and less expense to the customer prove that Sodastream will continue to grow. The major bottlers have to package and transport every single serving. Fuel and plastics cost are only going to increase further driving Soda's price advantage. Sodastream is a snowball. They will continually add new users, add more flavors, add new models with new technology.

        Soda is having a rough spot and the stock is rightly being punished. But this is a temporary rough spot. A new manufacturing plant is almost on line, margins and cash flow will improve allowing increased marketing. There is always the promise of expanding partnerships with major manufacturers. There isn't a guidebook for this industry and Sodastream is learning, improving and planning for the ling haul. As am I.

      • bobva1 Jul 11, 2014 9:04 AM Flag

        date correction of my comments I meant to type in holiday 2010.

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