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  • bobva1 Aug 21, 2014 10:03 AM Flag

    Enthusiasum for soda is justified

    The sodastream machine is a dominant one in it's field. The refills/flavorings are high quality and expands as soda add more partners each quarter. And so, many holders are very impressed with the product. But the drawback here from a perspective of the US market is that the American consumer has not been attracted to this product in large enough numbers. The very low sales growth over the last few quarters particularly after numerous product promotions with major retailers, most noteably Walmart, to add to the bottom line of profits here In the US market has been noted in qtr reports. Unless Soda can lift unit and $ sales and thus profits by a significant level, then the stock will linger under $40. No amount of rumors will keep SODA on an upward curve without SOLID RESULTS.

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    • ANALysts are missing the KEY FACT!

      CONSUMABLE SALES have continued to increase!

      Even lower system sales result in larger consumable sales over time.

      There was a spike in system sales in the U.S. becuase the largest retailer in the world, Walmart rolled out SODA systems in big way.

      IF you simply look consider that even lower system sales, results in steadily larger consumable sales...

      THEN SODA CONTINUES to GROW both sales and earnings over the LONG TERM!

      Look at the growth at GMCR lately (minimal), compared to its gross margins and price to sales ratio.

      SODA has better gross margins than GMCR,

      But, GMCR trades at an enterprise to sales ratio of 3.8

      While SODA trades at an enterprise to sales ratio of 1.19

      SODA has a bite sized EV of $679 million compared to GMCR's 17.75 Billion.

      SODA will continue to increase its household penetration from a low level of ~ 1% in the U.S.

      While GMCR has probably reached its maximum penetration rate already.


      SODA is dirt cheap in comparison to a similar business model company!

      I believe that SODA has a superior business model to GMCR because the basic consumable of Co2 is essentially FREE
      compared to Coffee

    • ...basically the black and white cookie.

    • Roger that.

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