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  • eagleeyes4utoo eagleeyes4utoo Oct 24, 2011 12:27 PM Flag

    ED sinking like a stone

    This stock is really a POS...been trading in the smae range for years while NYC booms. Years? No decades...and the sonny guy is correct, they never raise the dividend. ED is a rich company that pays it's executives very well, but shareholders just get the shaft. Time for ED to S**t or get off the pot!

    Sonny, you're a good man who tells it as it is. Just my opinion.

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    • Just a few notes to state how asinine your post is:

      1)Con Ed is not really a stock to trade, as are most utilities. They are long term investments as core portfolio holdings.
      2)Rangebound is exactly where most of it's long term investors like to see it. It is like a surrogate bond paying it's 4+% dividend with little risk.
      3)Con Ed has RAISED it's dividend every year for the past 37 YEARS, so you are posting lies.
      4)Sure it pays it's executives well. They deserve it running a strategic company in the most demanding city in the world.
      5)<<<ED is a rich company that pays it's executives very well, but shareholders get the shaft>>>>. JFYI, I bought 100 shares of ED in 1974/$14.00 per share when NYC was in bankruptcy mode. That $1400 investment, is now worth over $100,000 with splits and dividend reinvestment. I wouldn't call that "getting the shaft". With the way the country is headed if one doesn't look out for their future they'll be living alongside the homeless. Long term investments in great companies, paying solid increasing dividends will be the way to fund retirement, not depending on social security to survive.
      6) Also, JFYI, ED, as are all utilities, is regulated by the government, and limited in their rate structure. It does put a lid on price increases which would of course help the stock price but that's not why we buy utilities, is it. I can sleep at night.

    • AT about 3:PM TV Cnbc annonuced Con-Ed, reached a new high, ever. Seems we have a few really off the wall message writers!

    • Who's paying you to be a schill for Sonny and the bashers? Or are you just Sonny with a different user name, or maybe sonny's mom?

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