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  • outsider452000 outsider452000 Dec 16, 2001 9:53 AM Flag

    Need Advise

    OK... I give, I surrender, uncle, enough is enough. I really need someone with 50 years experience in the market to explain this to me. How does a company like ARG triple it's stock value in twelve months??
    Let's cut all the back slapping, thata-boy, nice job guy's bulls---.
    How does this happen when its core business, it's customer base, keeps deteriorating? It's store-by-store margins keep going down hill because net profit is not a term that this ARG region has ever understood. How does this happen without the help of good employees who care about their company?
    I'm dead serious, this isn't a cheap shot at the competition. I want to know. I want to know because ARG is the last place I would have placed my money twelve months ago..but hey, what do I know.
    So, at this point in time, it appears to me like the market is a good-old-boy's game and if you don't have family ties that go back three generations then you are just one of the sheep standing around waiting to be fleeced.
    Someone enlighten me because the old mattress is sounding pretty good to me right now.

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    • Becuase Glen F. is a pretty good financial wizard. He proved that at BOC when he ran the CO2 business and picked that carcus clean. Anything not moving is written off, costs are cut, efficiencies achieved, discipline instilled. The Brits messed up they should have put him in London!

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      • I agree that Glen is a good man but has he been able to cut through the bureaucratic bullshit and get anything done. I really don't know so please fill me in on what he has accomplished since he has come on board. What are his responsibilities and goals? Will he be able to slice and dice Peteie's boys as he feels? In my opinion if you want to trim the dead wood from the old tree, you have to start at the top and work your way down, it'll be easy in this organization to tell the good from the bad on the way down.

        I know that Glen was well respected at BOC and I would agree that he was someone that they should have kept at just about any price.
        BUT, just having Glen on board didn't triple this stock over twelve months. So my original question still stands, are we a bunch of sheep in the wolf's den? Are 99.5% of the brokers out there just a bunch of puppets dancing to their owners tune?
        Always question authority.

      • Michigan1979, Your post back on 09/20/00 No. 1415 speaks volumes!!! Hats off to you!!!

    • You can't figure it out?
      It would be a miracle if you figured out who YOU were.

      You can't even spell!

      It's A-D-V-I-C-E!
      Take some...........

      Go away!
      You Loser!

    • Are you new to this business? Obviously, you work for one of these companies that think cutting price and "Taking" business for little or no profit is a good thing...
      You seem to have ill information on our customer base and store-by-store margins. For your information, we have locations setting record sales numbers and impressive margins for the economy today. I can testify that there is no deterioration in my region, and this is a fact. Airgas has been working hard to reposition and build on what we have, not what we "want" to have.
      See posts 1560 / 1575 ect. it is all there.

      PS: I care about my company, and I DO understand net profit. BELIEVE, You'll see...

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      • No airgaser, I'm not new to this business, I have been involved in it most of my life. I'm glad to hear that your region is doing good, although I have to wonder why in your words, "Airgas has been working hard to reposition and build on what we have, not what we want to have". To me this sounds like a hold pattern without a goal. Isn't there additional business that you have in your sights?
        Airgas has also been repositioning in my area ever since they bought the competition a number of years ago. Shortly after this buyout, all sales people were told to increase their sales by 15% per year or they would be replaced. The problem it seems is that no one with any background in this industry or for that matter any common sense, was overseeing the sales in this region and simply has run the region into the ground. They have been closing stores, and have lost any of the employees that were worth a damn. Repositioning this area for ARG would take years at best. Where do you find a core of 30 or 40 good people that know this business and would be willing to come to work for ARG in this region...won't happen. We on the other hand have been growing, hiring hand-picked ex-ARGer's, and doing very well.
        And by the way, don't talk to me about price chopping. Before ARG, margins were very very good because our competitor also knew how to turn a profit and provide exceptional service to his customers....which costs money. We still provide this service to our customers but after the years of brain-dead pricing to this region we now pick and choose which customers we want and which we don't. At the end of the day it still boils down to customer service, product knowledge and profit margins.
        It's not rocket science, ideas for improvement on a drawing board or catalogs that get the job done, it's the people.....'s the people!!!

      • Glad to hear things are going well in many areas. Do not read about good things on this board very often.

        What areas of the company are doing well? Is it specific locations or whole parts of the country?

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