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  • nadsmis nadsmis Jun 18, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    disappointed with ARG...

    DJI vastly outperforming a dropping ARG. Competitors stock out performing as well. what gives? one apparent factor is P/E is too high at 22. if the earnings don't improve, the only variable changing that metric is the PPS falls. it has already dropped sharply over last 3 - 4 weeks. With relatively small dividend yielding only 2%, not seeing many reasons not to dump. what gives? why is the market shunning ARG? appreciate feedback. thx.

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    • Ohhh and by the way,, the PE should be around 9-10. This fat boy aint getting any fatter without farting or blowing up!

    • Don't be disappointed,,,, it's an 80 dollar stock. Norco in Boise Id built their own Air Separation facility in Nampa 11 years ago and doesn't need ARG's gases trucked in anymore. The run up over the last year is due to QE from the feds. Short it and buy AMD. Airgas has a 95 dollar tag on it based on simple charting. It's high margin markets are being shredded by smaller companies with less overhead. Years ago I offered to work with Airgas and the RedNecks laughed at me. Now I spend my time investing, traveling, and helping the needy to go to college so that they won't have to work with old school, good ol boyz.from Airgas!
      I gave em' an opportunity and they #$%$ themselves. So I took the millions to the east coast because they were so arrogant they couldn't handle a college grad. The dumb^*%*^&% purposely damaged shipments to my clients!!!!!!!!!! And then laughed. Now they say I am the devil because I took their business. WeLLLL, I gave em a chance and they FAILED! Your stock is worth $80 because of the good old boyz who will not work with the up and coming successful corporations like MINE that take your customers and treat them like gold. BLAME MANAGEMENT for being idiots and selfish.

    • What competitors are out performing and over what periods of time. APD & PX are the two other big players and all three stocks have not done particularly well recently. Over 2 years ARG is the clear winner, so maybe it has gotten ahead of itself.

    • Look at the senior corporate and senior divisional management. With the exception of Peter McCausland, these guys are predominately former truck drivers. They know the gas business but don't know how to manage a BUSINESS or its people. Latest is that cutting merit raises and expenses is the way to raise revenue. How about better managing sales and sales performance?

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      • What do you mean they don't manage the sales force......they get a price book with cost figures and a calculator that goes as high as + 10%.....what else is there????????????

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      • As a former Airgas employee I agree with you 100%. Most of all the management are in their positions because of who they know not what they know. If you kiss #$%$ and not question you will get promoted. Now I heard Airgas put a hiring freeze in effect and told all employees there is a 90+ day hold on all annual pay increases. That's how management improves revenue. Raises prices 2 to 3 times a year, running short handed, pay freezes for employees. "All smoke & mirrors" The management doesn't know how to increase revenue.

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