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  • citiccgirl citiccgirl May 2, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Karen F owns GLNG..she was talking to Wilbur Ross about it last night

    Own GLNG NNA and GASS
    Wilbur Ross was on FM today....He and Karen were talking kind of off air. I had to go back a couple of times to hear what they were saying about LNG tankers. Wilbur thinks Obama will give out some of the 16 permits to export natural gas. Karen said GLNG...he liked it.

    Karen Owns NNA which is a Product and Chemical Tanker co. She seems to own GLNG becuase she was happy he "loved" it. He likes Product and Chemical tankers too. He thinks the Dry bulk tankers will turn up sometime in 2014

    GASS is an LPG tanker which are designed to carry mainly butane, propane, butadiene, propylene, and are also able to carry anhydrous ammonia. All gas cargoes are transported in liquid form. LPG has a beautiful fleet. LPG carriers are
    Product tankers

    LPG Production Growth & Shortage of LPG Tanker Capacity
    "The nation is in the midst of an oil & natural gas drilling boom that is expected to last for years and advanced recovery methods (fracking) are helping production soar. U.S. LPG shipments rose 33% last year and annual U.S. shipments will reach 12 million metric tons by 2015, more than doubling 2012 levels. There are no pressurized ships available in the U.S., and while there is a worldwide glut of crude oil tankers, there is an acute shortage of LPG pressurized vessels that is worsening! GASS is in the process of purchasing 5 additional pressurized ships to address increased demand for LPG transport services that is being fueled by recent U.S. Coast Guard regulation changes allowing the shipping of LPG from U.S. ports.

    GASS has no publicly traded peers, so it is essentially a pure play in the rapidly expanding LPG ocean transportation service sector, and it is well-positioned to respond to the increased demand for its services."

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • When Japan dumped nuclear power was the time to get into LNG tankers. GLNG, TGP pay great div's and have made some good moves up and down. I listened to finerman a few years ago and it cost me big time on glng. She thought it had finished its run at 24 but was only getting started. It went to 42 that time. Maybe she is dyslexic? IDK. I don't listen to any of the talking heads though. The are entertainment, not business.

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      • I remember when Karen said that oy It actually went a little over $40 that time...then GLNG went on to go over $47 after a pullback to $27 and $28 in 2011

        The day of the Japanese earthquake I didn't have an internet connection. I could not believe it. I knew exactly what to buy. Japan is still having after shocks and they still are decommissioning their nuclear power plants and are going to be to importing LNG.

        GLNG has bottomed imho This is the time to get back in

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    • I meant...Wilbur Ross was on FM last night 5/1/13

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    • Vladimir Jelisavcic was talking about chemical and product tankers on FM...he is bearish across the board on stocks and most shipping stocks.

      He literally is only bullish on the Product and Chemical tanker market...that's NNA GLNG GASS GLOG GMLP...I'll look for others

      He was very bullish on the Nat Gas Tanker market

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      • I saw this segment as well. The guests microphone was off and Karen included him back into the discussion. That is where NNA came up. The interesting comment was that coal was being exported from USA and NG was over 10 in europe. So it was cheaper for the UTEs in europe to pollute more. He made some comment as it was better there and not here. I recall that Germany is shutting down their nuke plants so they have to find a substitute or import from another source.. Maybe France?

        Anyway I personally had SFL on my radar and this segment has caused me to do some more research & DD into the shipping sector. GL

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