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  • chip_8086 chip_8086 Feb 1, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    I still think market corrects

    market has really no where to go but down.. 8% unemployment and the only thing holding it up is ben? you buy right in here and should be rewarded in a couple months

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    • thegandu69 Feb 2, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

      The markets would correct simply because it just cannot go up for ever but that does not mean that instruments like these are investable. These can be just used for day trading. Predicting the exact day/days would be very very difficult especially when the final destination is more towards '0'. You will loose most if not all of your money unless you have timed it absolutely perfectly. What is the rationale behind the huge fall? Nothing. The companies are sitting on trillions of dollars of excess capital. The GDP is growing about 2% (not very good) but does not warrant a major sell off. The unemployment of 8% is not good but again it is not a doom scenario by any means. I can see a small correction of 2-3% and that's it. Keep in mind that these are all these are all man made scenarios and can be corrected unlike any natural disaster.

    • It will correct...only real FOOLS think that faulty and irresponsible fiscal & monetary policies will keep this party going....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy


    • what was unemployment number the last time the market was at this level? answer that, and you'll know what to do. we have an equity bubble caused by qe. no way in he11 this market holds 1500 for long. it may hit 1525, and i bet it does via an exhaustion gap open, but it will correct. i'm holding b/c when people give up, it will be violent.

    • May wanna wait for Dow 14,400 / SPX 1,550 before going "all- in". Just sayin'.

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