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  • vixtvixxiv vixtvixxiv Feb 2, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    TVIX Prospectus - food for thought

    Folks - ones who truly dont understand how this product works are the ones who keep claiming it is junk and that it will be shut down. I will laugh to the bank when we finally get the market sell off that will make the 2007 crisis look like a minor pullback. Credit Suisse (CS) wouldnt keep creating new shares and continue to keep its notional per note value at $1,000 if they did not think this would rocket eventually. GO READ the PROSPECTUS which was amended again on January 31, 2013. What this means is that CS wont have an internal limit breach like it did in Feb/March of 2012, when it discontinued to create new shares temporarily due to internal limit breach...hence, the revaluation and prospectus amendments. I am not surprised of the constant grind lower, it is expected when this market has been on a bull market tear since 2009...but beware of the 3-4 year cycles!!! S&P 500 trends....1997-2000 bull run (market top @ 1553); 2000-2003 bear decline (market bottom @ 769); 2003-2007 bull run (market top @ 1576); 2007-2009 bear plunge (market bottom @ 666); 2009-2013 (market top below 1576?????) will mark the end of the bull cycle. Chart the numbers on a monthly chart and you get a MASSIVE head & shoulders pattern. Folks NO ONE has ever seen how products like TVIX & UVXY behaves during a prolonged bear market scenario...these products did not exist then!!! But if a minor pull back of 20% in the summer/fall of 2011 when US got downgraded could spike TVIX from $15 to $109 (600% +) then what do you think it could do if we had another 2007 crisis? Hmm................................................................

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    • Next time you Post try some originally and don't copy the VelocityShares Pump Memo word-for-word. As to 1000% anticipated gains ... well you'll need a hell-of-a-lot more than that ... from $109.17 to $0.77 cents and then a Reverse Split that wipes-out more than 50% of the Reverse Split price in less than 10 days! My recommendation ... let your Boss know that these moronic 'posts' are a waste of time, even the "brain dead" know what a piece of #$%$ TVIX has become. Moreover, the #$%$ that created it along with the 'pimp firm' that sells this trash is well known too. The only comment you made that makes any sense whatsoever ... 'Folks NO ONE has ever seen how products like TVIX and UVXY behave', is indeed right. They never envisioned that the SEC or 'listing exchanges' would actually permit this type of "GARBAGE" to ever be offered. But then again, I suppose it is to be expected when the primary business model for Wall Street (especially crooks like Credit Sussie) is Fraud wrapped in Material Omissions with the 'fine' built-in! I tell you what folks expect ... they expect to read everyone of you SOB's get thrown in jail and preferably in some third world #$%$ hole country!

    • albmanzi Feb 2, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

      the problem is the contango that makes this a time decay product... i bought at 9 a few shares, will it reach and pass the BE point when there will be the crash? i know 2013 is the year but i fear that a few more months of bull trend could be sufficient to erase the potential gains of a 1000% surge. I can sustain a 100% loss with no problem so i'll hold and we'll see...

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      • we will eventually get to backwardation...and when we head into a bear market scenario, watch out. As I've said, these products did not exist where anyone has any idea how well it will respond to a bear market decline...and we are so due for one!!! Sorry, my initial reply write up didnt post and it was a great synopsis of the ultimate CURRENCY WAR which is about to take place!

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