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  • lionpride28 lionpride28 Feb 21, 2014 3:15 PM Flag

    up over $10 by when?

    I see posts about next week and soon but I've seen that for a long time and this facade of a market keeps rising. Why the posts about next week and soon? What's the deal breaker that's going to cause the S&P to really drop big?

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    • These are shorts making comments like this because volume is down. They have to buy on the bounces. It could also be desperate longs, either way its not happening.

    • 1. low volume of market doesnt really show the weakness that is present
      2. high unemployment and poor economic data
      3. gold moving higher does not happen for no reason look back at history it always repeats itself
      4. may not happen in a day or two but it is coming soon seen this pattern 3-4 times in the past 10 years
      dont believe me just look for yourself at the charts
      i am very long on gold and have been since the beginning of the year and short this market as i have posted

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      • All excellent points. The most "subtle", yet telling, sign, as you mention, is the price of gold. On top of that, the creeping upward momentum of oil. Happened each and every time prior to huge correction in the past. The pattern is there. The Fed cannot stop it this time, they are out of options and ammo at this point. This will be a serious and sad correction when it happens. Hope I sell my house in the next two months. Gonna rent for a while and use my profits from TVIX to purchase my home back from the buyer in about a year and a half (for half price or at auction/foreclosure).

      • I agree with the points you mentioned. I wonder however what the catalyst is to really kick in this reality and when. I'm also short on the market since EOY 2013 and all though volatility in general is high, so is the market. Earnings really weren't bad so far this year and all though economic factors have not been good, earnings seems to trump. So, do we have to wait until next earnings season before the S&P really drops once economic factors have been realized in earnings? Seems like the market doesn't really give a crud about economic conditions and only cares about earnings which does make some sense.

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