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  • casesuzz casesuzz Mar 17, 2014 11:41 AM Flag

    Tvix a dollar away from all time low as Russia about to take over 46 million people

    of which 35 million hate Russian's guts. Cold war now back in spades yet stock market way up and singing "happy days are here again". Volatility should be spreading across world markets, yet world markets say "who cares about Ukraine". So now we wait for Russia to take over all of Ukraine and then set it sights on Baltic states, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, etc.. And as the Russian empire expands the stock market will race higher knowing that all bad news is really good stock market news. Wouldn't be surprised to see Tvix drop below $5 a share if reports claim Russia is about to increase nuclear stock pile, go on "red alert" for surprised U.S. attack and making private plans to take over East Germany again. Tvix and Uvxy were the "greatest:" shorts of all time, especially so since both continue to drop to new lows in times of world crisis, communist aggression in China and Russia, growing 17 trillion dollar federal deficit, China - Japan verbal - naval clashes and a some what weak President. Let's see who far Tvix falls when Russian parliament approves adding Crimea to the Russian empire on Friday as Putin get ready to invade Eastern Crimea next week.

    What was just $8.40 last Friday sure looks heading for $6.40 come the end of the week. Now the question is when does Tvix do another reverse split for the umpteenth time???

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