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  • garymcurtis8888 garymcurtis8888 Jun 10, 2014 8:41 PM Flag

    telling your Buy $ price just puts pressure on....

    ....your rational thinking process and makes necessary losses that much harder to take-- because everybody knows what you've done. This is a quick trade vehicle and you must be able to admit you are wrong when it goes against your position. Nobody wants to know where you bought at, nobody cares. And it seems to come from a very bad place-- vanity. Which will destroy you as a trader.

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    • Nah, I just like to be open about my trades, if I am wrong I am wrong.

    • garymcurtis8888, febru3012 has a point. Where the share price has been is nowhere near as important as where it is going. So 7 cents above multiyear lows, you think holders should bail. You think, "telling your buy price just puts pressure on the buyer's rational thinking process and makes necessary losses that much harder to take because everybody knows what you've done. " that run on sentence of yours has several assumptions. Assumptions with no sound basis i.e., a poster announces his buy price and automatically it "puts pressure on" to that person's thinking process. More accurately a person goes through a rational thinking process before spending his cah on shares. Believe it or not, thinking comes before buying. Besides the very thought of buying near 7 year lows, that follows the #1 thinking process, buy low.

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      • There is no such thing as a TVIX low. It is not a stock of a company. There is no company. The money gets invested in futures options that lose value with time because that is how options work. TVIX will ALWAYS go lower except on those high volatility peaks and unless you bought a week or two right before one of those peaks you will lose money. Since the peaks are so far apart the likelihood of buying within a week or two of a peak on most of your trades is improbable. But if you short at the peak the likelihood of hitting the peak is near 100%. The longs are on the wrong side of the trade. The long is guessing but the short is not guessing. This is almost like insider trading for the short.

        But I do appreciate the fact that the longs buy this stock because if they didn't I would not have shares to borrow so I can short. So I am grateful for that. But on the other hand I find it frustrating to see people just throw their money away. One might wonder why don't I remain quiet and hope that the longs never catch on so there will always be new shares available to short. It is because I realize that there will always be a new batch of people willing to buy this stock after the current batch gets tapped out so it does not matter. Nothing I say will influence the price of this stock.

        I'm convinced that most of the people buying this stock lack a fundamental understanding of the mathematics required to be successful at stock investing. If you can look at a two year chart of this stock and it does not register then you really need to get out of stock investing altogether. When I first saw the chart of this stock I immediately knew it was going to be a gold mine. And I am hoping that it is available to short for the rest of my life because that is what I plan to do.

        When you hit a peak and make money but not enough to cover your losses all it does is give you hope to keep trying. It is an emotional trap.

      • TVIX is bottomless...... this pos is making multi year lows every week (yes it may spike from time to time, but for the most part is new 52wk low after new 52wk low).....

    • correct whether you paid $100 or $1 for a stock and its only worth 2% of what you paid for it doesn't matter. what matters is where's its going. also a hold is a buy there is only buy and sell no holds.

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