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  • dennis12716 dennis12716 Apr 28, 2002 8:35 AM Flag


    Does anyone know the amount of money that the company needs to come up with to get out of this default delema?

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    • beautiful_but_baneful_bella beautiful_but_baneful_bella Apr 29, 2002 3:13 PM Flag

      message in this regard, but I'm more optimistic. I've used the quote before so pardon my redundant use, but "fortune is like a woman, it favors the brave."

      I think the current investment climate allows more potential for shareowner activism (individual investors) that at any time I can recall over the past 15 yrs. In fact, I just received a kind e-mail response today from an influential shareholder activist citing specific considerations.

      I'm reminded of the poor decisions WORK's management has made (certainly not beneficial to non-management shareowners) over the past 3 yrs. by re-reading their Schedule 14a information (definitive proxy statement) filed with the SEC in 8/01. Considering WORK's current share price, this strengthens my resolve.

      We have until early 7/02 to notify the company of non-Rule 14a-8 matters that may be raised for consideration at the next Annual Meeting which will likely be held in late 9/02.


    • Your desire to influence management in positive ways is not only wonderful and noble, but also a just cause. You obviously have more courage and available time on your hands to take on such an endeavor, than I ever will. However, with all due respect to you as a human being, public-traded companies management teams, although they evaluate shareholder suggestions, the bottom-line attitude they ALL have toward non-insider shareholders is this - they don't give a shit.

      Personally, I try to "use" management in the same way they use shareholders. To me, getting 'meaningful' early information, getting them to know you, is one big game. I'm only out to make a profit off my investments, not join management teams. Bella, if you want to make a difference and be heard, get employed by WORK as a paid consultant or as a new member of the management team itself, otherwise you are fighting an uphill losing cause.

      Sorry, but those are my honest opinions.
      Good luck with your efforts!

    • CFO. I'll try to find out on Monday.