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  • LongGoneShort LongGoneShort Feb 14, 2000 3:25 PM Flag

    All of this hypothesizing (sic) ,

    fretting,'handringing' would be in order if it
    were February 16th. Well it's not. Let's wait and see
    if management disappoints us. I am beginning to
    question everything I see on this board. I wasn't always
    this skeptical, but when comments are made like, 'the
    website is still not live', I begin to wonder how
    informed people are.
    LongGoneLong on WORK.....

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    • as to whether you are incapable of rational
      thought or you simply have problem with words over 4
      letters. Credible/credibility means trustworthy.
      Credibility has nothing to do with earnings growth, it has
      nothing to do with consecutive quarters of earnings
      growth, it has nothing to do with my ability or inability
      to read (does that mean understand?) a financial
      statement, it has nothing to do with an incorrect assumption
      of my entry point into WORK, and it has nothing to
      do with my knowledge, or lack thereof, of WORK's
      growth rate. Incidentally. nimrod credibility or
      trustworthiness is not sector dependant. Please note that my last
      post did not accuse the WORK management of lacking
      credibility. What I said was that I believed that credibility,
      being trustworthy if you will, was paramount (this
      means most important nimrod) in rating a company and
      thus an investment. Your uncohesive rant has not
      deterred me from this belief. Once the management of a
      company has lost credibility with the investing community
      it is hard to imagine that company being valued at
      anything near it's "full value."

      Incidentally, if
      I didn't believe in this management's character and
      abilities I would not have added to my spin off shares @
      $5+, $7, $10, $11, $12, $20, $23, $25, $26, $27, and
      $28 (unfortunately not necessarily in that order.)
      I've got these shares in my brokerage account, in my
      IRA account, in my wife's IRA, even between my toes.
      Darn right I want this company to succeed!

    • I guess in the announcement of the S-1 is shaking
      the confidence of investors. IMHO Work is still on
      terrific company with outstanding management. It is now at
      the mercy of day traders. At under $21, it is the
      steal of the century. Be patient-- it's a great company
      with a great future.

    • forward p/e of probably around 12-14 now after
      the massacre. that is my guesstimate. more important
      than a delay in my humble opinion. big friggin deal.
      if you don't wannna wait then we'll miss ya. but the
      management's credibility is to be found at the bottom line and
      its operations and no where else, let know one fool
      you--that is what it really comes down to. so far they have
      been more than on track with that. anyway, when i'm
      buyin a stock i'm buyin growin profitability and not
      just a press release. but, hey, maybe i'm a bit old
      in at $31 and averagin down.

    • While credibility is important I think
      confused. Without a sound management earnings
      falter. (And CSCO by the way is not the
      only company
      that can exceed estimates. Also,
      CSCO is not
      relevant to this sector.)

      Second, WORK trounced
      estimates by 11% last
      quarter and its earnings were 58%
      higher than
      1998; operating income was 75%

      Without a credible management you would not
      have such
      growth. Q2 was the 6th consecutive
      quarter of earnings
      growth. That is more
      credible than having to delay the
      filing passed
      an artificial date. If you could only
      read a
      financial statement...

      The spin off
      will come. I'm sorry you bought
      WORK with hot money
      in the $30s to play the
      `news' But it shows you
      have a credibility
      issue. One thing is clear: You
      seem to know
      little about the core business and
      growth rate.

      By the way, does anyone know when
      earnings are
      released? Is it after the delayed filing
      before? They will do what they have to do when
      want to do it. The bottom line is profit
      and profit
      growth. It's simple.

    • on the site? Im still getting check back on FEB15 for our new and improved site. THANKS STEVE

    • What does investor relations have to say about this?

    • on the site? Im still getting check back on FEB15 for our new and improved site. THANS STEVE