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  • wlodzo wlodzo Sep 5, 2001 7:30 PM Flag

    Final Word

    Dear Admiral,

    You're quite the cheerleader for this Crew. I suspect either you are someone you know breaks bread with the Captains of this leaky ship. No offense, but the markets tell us something different. Catagorizing your sample competition {from Yahoo parameters), peruse the following:

    Co. , Price , MktCap(M) , Shrs(M) , EPS , 12Mo.Hi
    CGX :19.99 , 261.3 , 13.1 , 1.47 , 20.86
    WCS : 17.00 , 697.0 , 41.0 , 1.42 , 20.00
    SR :18.95 , 523.2 , 27.6 , (3.52) , 19.88
    MCL : 7.76 , 686.4 , 88.5 , (0.39) , 8.09
    MWL : 5.00 , 238.3 , 47.7 , (0.11) , 7.45
    WORK : 4.30 , 56.0 , 13.1 , (0.26) , 9.00

    So why is the Market price of WORK where it is?
    Rodney Dangerfield syndrome? Nah, maybe its the Management that warrants no respect. Minor
    stuff like salaries, bonuses, golden parachutes, option packages, forgivable company loans, etc. that make some us sea sick.

    What really bugs me is that this bunch gets away with it considering the little stock they
    actually own (and much of that bought with company loaned money).

    Shareholders can technically take control of this gravey train at the annual meeting, but the Crew will no doubt have their proxies...
    and the beat goes on.

    May the share price go up to flush out the suitor.

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    • beautiful_but_baneful_bella beautiful_but_baneful_bella Sep 5, 2001 8:30 PM Flag

      too late to consider "proxy contests" this year. If management does not perform and continues in their errant ways, shareowners (that's us) will need to begin planning now for such an effort next year.

      Frankly, I think Top Management will be sufficiently motivated to perform. This should translate into much higher stock price. And then, we can all live happily, ever after, no?

      I think that you are incorrect in assuming "the market" will consistently award WORK their fair value by share price. Lack thereof is not uncommon with small cap, somewhat illiquid, underfollowed NASDAQ stocks in an unpopular sector.

      If they achieve their cited goals per the CC, this will slowly become an excellent investment. My SO tells me that management was even receiving some compliments during the CC...this is in contrast to the last CC.

      You should know all to well, that I agree with your assessment of the treacherous dealings to which you allude.

      So how did you vote your shares? Do you have to guess to know how I have voted mine?