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  • LilTanLines LilTanLines Nov 29, 1999 12:00 PM Flag

    Some of you are sooooooo rude...

    Not quite sure why some of you have to be so rude
    to others who support ASPX and believe they are on
    their way back up!!!! You have your opinions, and we
    who do believe in ASPX have ours.. No need to be
    jerks with your nasty comments!!! ASPX is doing well
    right now, and they are only gonna do better...

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    • In an article at CBS Marketwatch today, Courtney
      Smith had some glowing words of praise for both NTAP
      and the future of the storage biz on

      I wrote an email to her regarding my agreement on
      NTAP's future (and of the future sucess of the sector as
      a whole) and on my dismay at ASPX being left out of
      the mix:

      Ms. Smith,

      I throughly enjoyed
      your article entitled "Storage: The Next Big Thing". A
      very informative piece that the technical guru could
      enjoy (myself), yet I could also pass it along to my
      father for 401K investment food for thought. Being a
      NTAP "long" I was very encouraged by your glowing
      review of NTAP and of course, couldn't agree more. The
      prospects for NAS systems becomming the dominant force in
      corporate storage are undeniable. Of course, corporate data
      storage also could become a dominant force on Wallstreet
      as a whole as well. Therefore, for NTAP the sky
      could be the limit...even at this point, a spilt is

      I did take exception to one of the
      companies you failed to mention. Auspex (ASPX) is another
      producer of NAS systems that I feel has a very bright
      future. While ASPX has struggled with (and this is kindly
      speaking) pathetic management and a business model that
      wouldn't have been sucessful in 1899 let alone 1999,
      they've made some necessary changes and could now be on
      the right track. That fact that you failed to even
      mention ASPX, who is a major producer of advanced NAS
      technology shocked me. I realize that their Wallstreet
      performance hasn't been perfect but facts are facts...ASPX is
      one of the better NAS makers out there. As a matter
      of fact, many of the key people who have made NTAP
      the success story that they are today have come from
      ASPX. At that time the management stiffled these
      individuals and drove them away. However, this illustrates
      the quality ASPX has had and still has (less the
      aweful goon squad management).

      Overall great
      article, but I think that if NAS is the future and one of
      the future movers on Wallstreet, to not mention one
      of the "orignal NAS boys" is a real

      Ms Smith responded with a little email of her

      I agree 100% with your assessment of ASPX. However,
      they only give me 550 words to tell the

      Courtney Smith
      Courtney Smith &
      Box 7603, New York, NY

      Looks as though I'm not the only one who feels that
      ASPX (and their shareholders) could have a rosey
      future as well....comments welcome :-)

    • Gilder doesn't just throw out names for fun. What
      he said makes perfect sense. NTAP is the leader, but
      they came from ASPX and ASPX still has the technology,
      but 2% of the market cap of NTAP. If you want a true
      hidden gem, it is here! LONG ASPX.

    • stock is up- management is wonderful

      is down- management sucks

      so right now ASPX
      management sucks and in three months ASPX management will be
      wonderful. I worked in a company whose stock soared and
      everyone outside the company lauded management- nothing
      could have been further from the truth. I worked at
      another company whose stock languished and management was
      hung out to dry- they had decent management but the
      product was beaten in the marketplace.

      I hate
      these baseless opinions on management- back it up with
      facts or go away

    • Read message #20676 on Yahoo board

      Then, re-read

      Then, re-read the Gilder report, "In this Network
      Attached Storage model, gone are storage facilities
      enslaved to a specific server operating system with a
      specialized file format and expensive proprietary
      features....Network Attached Storage hardware and World Wide Web
      software and standards are the wave of the

      You can bank on Gilder, bank on Auspex, still a
      screaming value.

    • Seagate was rumored to be looking at a storage
      company. They bought a privately held SAN company today,
      probably causing some profit taking on the part of some
      ASPX speculators. Guess Seagate didn't read the Gilder
      report, or they think all storage sales will

      Everyone long on ASPX should read a message posted on
      Yahoo board, ANCR. Message #20676.

      Auspex has
      the product. This market is going to explode. Think
      about how much storage everyone is going to need. From
      the Gilder report, used 28 terrabytes in 45

    • Yeah, sure you did.

    • Okay so you hold a short position and unless it
      blows up you lose big time with youyr play money. Could
      be why you're here. hmmm.

      What does not
      compute for me is why a guy as you rich as you say you
      are spend so much of your day on this here little
      board with the rest of us worker bees. Maybe cause
      those shares are in your 401K, maybe?

    • I sold all of my Auspex @ 10, and took a short postition at 14.25, with my play money. BTW, I invested 300K in NTAP in 6/97, and hav not sold 1 share, do the math, would you call that play money?

    • Management is the reason! Lack of leadership. lack of direction.

    • In reading their white papers, AT&T and Samba
      have not been part of the NT equation since the first
      version of Netservices. You don't know my man, because
      you are talking about stuff that is over two years
      old, count that bityears. ON a hunch I checked the
      Netapp page and you seem to just gush over there. How
      many shares of Auspex do you own with your play money?

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