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  • tracylord1940 tracylord1940 Oct 21, 2011 4:22 PM Flag

    Earnings in 2 weeks

    In two weeks SPPR will announce 3rd quarter earnings and hopefully whatever else has kept the trading window closed for insiders.
    There has been no fundemental reason why the stock price should be lower now than when it was $1.30 at the annual meeting or when it was at $1.70 before the inadequately researched report that came out in April.
    Supertel does not have to have a good quarter for the stock to go up. It just needs to not have a bad quarter. When it comes out that nothing is fundementally wrong then the stock price should bounce and all of the delisting talk should go away.
    Walters said at the annual meeting that he planned to buy more stock and the price was $1.30 at the time. With a number of properties for sale I'm suspecting that there has been a continuous hold on any insider trading. Eventually this will end and when people see insiders buying again the cloud over the stock will lift.
    Predicting a stock will go up 50% seems crazy but in SPPR's case that only takes it to $1.05 and its book value even after write-downs is still over $2.00

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