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  • tgsxpl tgsxpl Sep 5, 2002 12:44 PM Flag

    Damn Corponuts

    What is to be done about these damn corporate parasites? A few fringe environmentalists may have wrecked the occasional McDonalds. That is not condoned by the bulk of the movement. Of course, that doesn't come CLOSE to the type of damage caused by the CORPORATE parasites the Mon$anto fan club defends...

    >>India to Pursue Extradition of Bhopal Accused
    Thu Sep 5,10:13 AM ET

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India is determined to press the United States for the extradition of former Union Carbide chairman Warren Anderson over a 1984 gas disaster that killed thousands, a Foreign Ministry official said Thursday.
    The leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the central city of Bhopal was one of the world's worst industrial accidents and killed 3,000 people at the time. Thousands were left with lifetime illnesses.

    "The government is committed to pursue the request for extradition," an official who did not want to be identified told reporters.

    Anderson faces charges of culpable homicide and Indian courts have repeatedly asked New Delhi to seek his extradition from the United States where he now lives in retirement.

    Anderson, considered a fugitive from Indian law for refusing to face charges in its courts, could be jailed for 10 years and fined if found guilty.

    "Any time lapse notwithstanding, the government is decided on processing the request for extradition as and when all the evidentiary links are put together," the official said.

    "Concerned agencies have been asked to do everything possible to confirm the evidentiary links between Anderson and the gas leak in Bhopal so that the extradition request is successful."

    Five tons of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas leaked out of the pesticide plant in the early hours of Dec. 3, 1984.

    Though India's civil case against Union Carbide was settled five years later for $470 million, criminal cases against the defendants are still pending. <<

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    • t----, you ought to read the book Bhopal, Five Minutes Past Midnight, a thorough report on the disaster. It pretty much gives Warren Anderson a clean bill of health while making it clear that Carbide's Indian subsidiary was grossly negligent. You'll probably enjoy the book since it details the death of many thousands of humans who would otherwise be polluting the planet. It even has a few bad things to say about Monsanto, although they happen to be wrong.

    • Well the freconuts are quickly catching up with that total, as people drop dead from starvation in Africa due to gm food not being allowed in. Those Marxist regimes now haev an excuse to use food as a weapon. Based on freconut lies they call it unsafe for human consumption.

      Of course drive out the gm food and the organic industry will have a bigger slice of the pie and be able to charge even more outrageous prices for ti. Thus giving credence to at least one of your theories, that less food means higher prices. But it won't be Monsanto making the money off this less food. It will be the multibillion dollar industry of which Greenpeace is an active participant. Sorry I doubted your theory Rainbow. But had you said it was the ruthless freconuts who would make money off less food, I would have not been as skeptical.

    • >My interest is as a shareholder.

      Do you work for CGFI?

      You see, the thing is, if you are not willing to put your opinions to a real name, then people might think you're another "Mary Murphy" or "Andura Smetacek" character who does not exist in the real world, but who is just an alias for a Monsanto or Bivings staff member...

    • You may think what you want.

      But putting a real name out on the internet to me is just plain stupid. Especially when dealing with an unbalanced individuals like the freconuts. Please take a look at jsut the list for MON posters. I think you will agree that most posters prefer to keep their real names, phone numbers and e-mails private. (You and Chucky are the exception rather than the rule.)

      I'm doubting that this 99.9 % of message board posters are Bivings staff members. Now I would imagine there are some that are Joe Average employees at Monsanto and probably don't want their bosses to know they are using the internet at work for non-business purposes.

      Quite frankly it doesn't matter whether the truth is coming from Monsanto or Bivings or a camel's butt. Take issue with the messages not the messengers.

      Mary Murphy and Andura Smetacek, is that like Betty Martini and Nancy Markle of aspartame hoax fame?

    • Why not just answer the question?

      "Do you work for CGFI?"

      Why are you so shy to answer this one?

    • I dont even know what CGFI stands for. And trust me if I did work for them, I sure as hell would be asked to be paid for my work. I already told you two ways to Sunday I'm not being paid anymore than you are. No I don't work for CGFI, is that anything like tgxifsjrkgpl? I just have fun yanking freconut chains.

      However what on Earth would make you think that I would admit it if I did? Wouldn't this be a little like asking a potential hooker if she is a cop? Like they would admit it anyway.

      And no I wasn't shy about it, just figured you had enough brains to figure out an effective PR campaign would no be effectively waged on an internet message board. Apparently I overestimated my calculations on your gray matter.

    • But by the way marcusnorealreasoning, why not the same fervor and 3rd degree about those here who support the anti-biotech cause and use aliases? More of that frecoluxury of hypocrisy.

    • anyone know what it stands for?


      A sample of Myths Debunked�

      �Organic Food: Is It More Nutritious?

      Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Norman Borlaug, "Ridiculous"

      Reason Magazine: What do you think of organic farming? A lot of people claim it's better for human health and the environment.
      Borlaug: That's ridiculous. This shouldn't even be a debate. Even if you could use all the organic material that you have--the animal manures, the human waste, the plant residues--and get them back on the soil, you couldn't feed more than 4 billion people. In addition, if all agriculture were organic, you would have to increase cropland area dramatically, spreading out into marginal areas and cutting down millions of acres of forests��

      Expose the Myth
      Organic Sux
      Truth will Prevail

    • >I dont even know what CGFI stands for.

      Why did you recommend their site to me, then?

      >However what on Earth would make you think >that I would admit it if I did? Wouldn't this >be a little like asking a potential hooker if >she is a cop? Like they would admit it >anyway.

      I would expect someone who is paid by the biotech industry, directly or indirectly, to disclose their connection with the industry. Your comparison with a prostitute is an interesting one... :-)

      You are acting the same way as "Andura Smetacek" and "Mary Murphy", the fake persuaders, who suddenly went quiet when they were discovered back in May this year...

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