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  • giovannimontana69 giovannimontana69 Jan 9, 2008 2:19 PM Flag

    Any Negative News? Why the sell off on such High Volume?

    Whats going on here?

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    • This is a daytraders stock now till dividend payout.
      Longs are waiting for dividend, shorts know it's overvalued here....expect bear raids every few days.

      If you are an investor here you should take some or all of your profits here....or turn off the computer for a few's gonna get wild.

    • The market condition currently responds like a kid's first cold turkey day after
      years on ridalin. Mosiac might have margin pressure and China demand is
      uncertain. Dupont doesn't think it'll lose market share. Ag working but it's
      overbought......................................Everyone will do what they're going to do,
      we'll see where each side stands in 6mths. I say higher.

    • Major sell-off in the Ag's comming...look for 100 -105 in the next two the Fast Money video - Last man standing...Ag is saw the break today..the selling will intensify in the this space...Mon, Pot....short these names not hold,...they will go down hard and fast....get out and buy back latter...Institutions will be selling fast and furious..that started today...down -10 in one day likely...if recession fears bubble up..Monsanto will be in the 80''s priced for prefection..PE is high and globsl ecomony is slowing and there is plenty of competiton that will impact margins...

    • You must be a beginner. Boy, can't you see that MON's share price is way ahead of itself. It goes from $95 to $105 based on blow out earning. Anything above $105 is a lot of hype. You must learn to buy low and sell high and know when to take profit and avoid to end up bag holder. The Wall Street system only rewards those who have self control and discipline and know how to make profit taking not those who get attached with the stocks and dreaming of striking a jackpot.

95.75-1.22(-1.26%)Sep 4 4:01 PMEDT