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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 23, 2009 11:34 AM Flag

    DuPont Mgmt Faking "Fair Trade"!

    BENLATE ETHICS at Work As DuPont Bosses & Secret Operatives Malign & Smear Monsanto on Trade!

    Good Afternoon, Bonjour, Guten Abend, Buenas Tardes,

    Folks, it's so desperately DuPlicitous how DuPont's big bosses and their undercover front groups are pretending to be the farmer's friend by fighting for "fair trade"!

    1) Was it fair trade, when DuPont pleaded guilty in recent years to criminal charges of illegal price-fixing, which cost customers and consumers of venture rubber products around the globe tens of $millions?!

    2) Was it fair trade when a deceitful DuPont was caught by the U. S. FDA illegally misrepresenting its medical products?! FDA letter to DuPont Chairman Chad Holliday, May 7, 2007.

    3) Was it fair trade, and fair to farmers, as thouands of growers and DuPont AG & NUT customers claimed convincingly in courts throughout the U. S. and abroad that DuPont had put out a damaging, harmful, and defective fungicide, Benlate, and lied about it, in some cases, engaging in racketeering and fraud? Is it fair trade to engage in racketeering?!

    Some of those Benlate cases are still in litigation, having cost DD shareholders over $2 billion in total to date! Quite a tab for leveraging dishonesty.

    4) Is it fair trade, and fair to farmers to bankroll secretly hate groups to malign and smear the best in the business, Monsanto with its superior-performing traits? No open disclosure; no transparency. Or send forged letters to Congress to influence legislation?!

    5) Finally, is it fair trade, and fair to farmers to lie and misrepresent the capabilities of your products?!

    Folks, without stop, slime sluices through the hallways and executive offices of the century-old, dreary grey DuPont Building in Wilmington, Delaware, the comically called World Headquarters of Sustainable Excellence of the disgraced DuPont.

    Merely the Sunday SizeUp penned digitally by one independently-speaking investor and long-time student of the slime-drenched DuPont Company...funfun..

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    • With 6 month severance package.

    • Folks,

      The dirty, mangy junkyard dogs guarding DuPont Management and their faked, and now tattered IMAGE are desperate to gut discussion on this board and suppress the TRUTH!

      Look how they immediately blitzed the above post with 33 single stars to knock the post below the radar of the vast majority of readers here with higher Yahoo! "viewing settings"!

      Such dirty-dealing on the part of DuPont Management(self-disclosed in their posts) and their viciously vindictive shills and secret operatives surely must be inspiring to DuPont agricultural customers, potential and current! They certainly will be attracted to a Company and a Management with BENLATE ETHICS, and "dirty tricks" galore. Right?!

      What are they trying to hide? They have nothing with which to compete effectively against the front-runner, Monsanto and SmartStax, since DuPont™Optimum™GAP™ is an indisputable flop?!

      You gotta laugh!...funfun..

    • Wow Funnut 35 1 stars. People just don't like you even on the MON board. The same can be said of Hugh Grant who is getting his lunch handed to him by Ellen.

      Go Ellen Go!

      Sell MON before you are a real looser!

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