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  • why2buy why2buy Aug 23, 2009 10:15 PM Flag

    DuPont Mgmt Faking "Fair Trade"!

    With 6 month severance package.

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    • Yep I heard from a good mgmt aoruce that Funfun got a severance package in those days and then pissed it away at Atlantic City and on cheep beer.

      Ellen is much smarter and wouldn't have given the clown the same package.

      Go Ellen Go and down with Hugh Grant and his bosom buddy Funnut!

      • 1 Reply to funfun_wacko
      • Folks,

        This heckler with the obviously hostile screen name of "...wacko" brags and has claimed convincingly on the Yahoo! DD board he "works for DuPont" as "management".

        Cluelessly he shows investors and readers here the type of unprincipled trash operating at the DuPont Company of today. In waging a relentless personal smear campaign against the undersigned for speaking freely on Monsanto's successes, DuPont's notorious failures, he is showcasing the vile DuPont Management culture of retaliation and dishonesty.

        What an eye-opener to farmers, growers, potential CUSTOMERS, not to mention investors! At DuPont, it's CHEAT-TO-COMPETE. How repulsive to customers to see those BENLATE ETHICS redux and reinforced!


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