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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Sep 15, 2009 4:37 PM Flag

    BASF's Kixor To Kick Up Some Dust!


    This forum is not about any particular poster. Why the off-topic personal insults?

    For the record, we have no personal animus against the DuPont Company or any Officer, Manager, or employee thereof.

    We simply stand by our belief that no corporate management should be above the law or the scrutiny of its shareholders and the public at large. And importantly, they must be held accountable for their performance and unethical, if not unlawful acts.

    As a MON shareholder for some time, we fear the sleazy smear campaign sytematically waged by DuPont's unethical and secretive leaders against Monsanto and its business, will adversely impact the value of Monsanto and redound to the detriment of MON shareholders and MON employees.

    DuPont's war of "dirty tricks" must be exposed and aggressively countered. Farmers and customers must be put on notice of the replay of BENLATE ETHICS by DuPont's deceitful bosses and kept fully informed.


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    • cal_sunshine didn't insult you by saying you act childish. He spoke the truth. That's what probably confused you. If your true concern is that ALL corporate management is held accountable for its actions, why do you ignore MON business practices criticized here and on the DD board? Why don't you criticize MON with the same zeal as DD? Both have their problems and THAT would be fair and unbiased. If you have no personal animus against any DD manager, why deliberately slur their names- Cullmen, Slobley, Ima Clam Chowder, etc.? You don't seem to do the same for Mr. Grant or any of MON's senior managers. Your behavior and comments don't jive with the image of an unbiased individual contributor. They just make you look like a hypocrite. Maybe that's why so many rate your messages one-star.

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      • Folks, this humourless heckler guarding DuPont Management(and many of these shills in actuality ARE DuPont Managers or their agents) shows you how they operate.

        Their mission is to marginalise and intimidate critics and stamp out scrutiny by systematically launching vile personal attacks against independent writers and outsiders. Notice they never rebut with facts or logic what is said, never debate civilly or with any tolerance for the views of other individuals.

        That's the way of the deceitful and dishonest DuPont Management culture, a destructive culture which is literally threatening the value of these MON shares and the jobs of Monsanto employees.


      • Folks, another heckler shilling and monitoring for DuPont Management, who has repeatedly initiated vindictive off-topic personal assaults in retaliation for our speaking out loudly and independently!

        Hey, aren't these Yahoo! boards provided for investors to exchange differing viewpoints on companies and the prospects for their shares?! Every opinion contains the perpective of the writer, and yes, that includes biases.

        DuPont Management and their covert operatives absolutely despise the internet, and the instantaneous scrutiny and exposure. Means they have tonnes to cover up and hide!


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