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  • peterjanda peterjanda Apr 16, 2010 6:14 PM Flag

    MON cracks $60 on monday


    Despite the (warranted) flak you receive for the posts that are high on volume but low on substance, I'll give you the benefit of a doubt and assume that this is a learning opportunity for some people..

    If your short position was up $25k but is down to $23k, I'll assume you're short about 2,000 shares (i.e., $2,000 / (today's close $64.73 - today's low $63.75) = 2,041 shares), and I'll guess your weighted average price is about $76 per share (i.e., $63.75 + ($25,000 / 2,041 shares) = $76).

    Now.. the last time MON was at $76 was February 24th, so my third assumption is that you started shorting sometime between January 11th (i.e., beginning of the current correction) and February 24th, though of course your formidable foresight could have caused you to begin accumulating a short position prior to January 11th.

    If you could, please share what you saw, studied, read, etc. between January 11th and February 24th to give you confidence to deploy a sizable portion of your account's equity balance towards a ~$150K short position. I say "sizable portion" because you strike me as a retail investor / speculator at best, and professional traders don't post on these sites (someone remind me to check my head after this). I don't mean that as a slight.. it just takes strong conviction to put, say, half your investable equity into a single name like MON, and I would very much like to learn what gave you such conviction (other than what I've read you blather about ten times a day for the past few days).

    Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

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