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  • c_rader c_rader Feb 3, 2012 11:19 AM Flag

    Top 10 Ways Monsanto is killing things (plants, animals, people)..

    #9 Utilizing Wasteful Fossil Fuel-Intensive Practices and Encouraging the Expansion of Natural Gas Fracking and Tar Sands Extraction (Which Destroy Forests, Aquifers, and Farmland)

    Last I knew, MON was not doing anything to encourage wasting fuel. The GMO crops save fuel. That's why farmers are willing to pay extra for the seeds.

    #10 Stealing Money From the 99% to Give Huge Subsidies to the 1% Wealthiest, Most Chemical and Energy-Intensive Farms and Food Producers

    As one of the 99%, I don't like the idea of wasteful subsidies to the 1%. I don't think the subsidies, which
    are tax money, are stealing, but in any case MON is not doing the taxing nor giving the subsidies.

    snthsnth1, it's fine to be against Monsanto's business practices. But it's foolish to base your whole campaign on stuff that is just plain nonsense. There are real reasons to be critical of this company. Why waste your energy posting claims that anyone can easily recognize as nonsense?

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