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  • bishopadamf bishopadamf Jan 20, 2013 5:10 PM Flag

    Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired!

    Though it barely received any media attention at the time, a world renowned biochemist who back in 1998 exposed the shocking truth about how genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) cause organ damage, reproductive failure, digestive dysfunction, impaired immunity, and cancer, among many other conditions, was immediately fired from his job, and the team of researchers who assisted him dismissed from their post within 24 hours from the time when the findings went public.

    Arpad Pusztai, who is one of the world's most respected and well-learned biochemists, had for three years led a team of researchers from Scotland's prestigious Rowett Research Institute (RRI) in studying the health effects of a novel GM potato with built-in Bt toxin. Much to the surprise of many, the team discovered that, contrary to industry rhetoric, Bt potato was responsible for causing severe health damage, a fact that was quickly relayed to the media out of concern for public health.

    But rather than be praised for their honest assessment into this genetically-tampered potato, Pusztai and his colleagues were chastised by industry-backed government authorities, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose office was discovered to have secretly contacted RRI just hours after Pusztai and his team announced the results of their study on television. For speaking the truth, Pusztai was immediately fired from his position, and his team dismissed from their positions at the school.

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    • as teh other say this is not true....another story that takes a little truth and twists it. Was a big deal was proved wrong and not valid and then he was fired eventually for bad science

    • bishopadamf, you say that Pusztai's departure from Rowett Research Institute barely received any attention at the time.

      That's frankly absurd.

      Anyone who spent any time in the UK for the next two years saw press coverage of Pusztai's work in the newspapers just about every day. He was on TV, in newspapers and on the radio. Tabloids well known for publishing girly pictures were publishing pictures of deformed rat organs.

      Pusztai's research was written up for publication in the Lancet, UK's medical research journal, but reviewers rejected it as scientifically invalid. Nevertheless, Lancet published it anyway, saying that the controversy required it. That was the first time it had ever happened.

      Your claim that this received little attention at the time is complete nonsense. Try a google search of the name Arpad Pusztai 1998 and see how many hits you get.

      And if you have any integrity, come back and revise your claim.

    • Again a poster who doesn’t know what they are talking about. He was not studying a “GM potato with built-in Bt toxin”, he was studying GM potato containing the GNA Lectin gene from the snowdrop plant (Pusztai career was based on the study of plant lectins and he was regarded as somewhat of a expert in the field). Let’s make it clear that lectins have nothing to do with BTs and as far as I know genetically enhanced plants containing transgenetic lectin genes have not been commercialized. The Rowett Institute published an audit criticizing Pusztai's result and sent the raw data to six anonymous reviewers who also criticized Pusztai's work. The story is well documented for those who want to know further details just Google it.

    • how about a newswhersy source?

    • scott2536 Jan 21, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

      How many people had to be sworn to secrecy for this to work? After 15 years why hasn't one of them broken the vow written a book and become a millionaire?

      Why hasn't someone on the Pusztai team done it? were they all assassinated by James Bond at Tony Blair's behest ?

    • Got a link to that bogus story? And how many folks were shown to have passed away as proof to it, or is this just like the 911 bogus theorist gov't implosion story out there?

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