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  • diligentconqueror_m diligentconqueror_m Mar 25, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Much Ignorance

    Such as with the latest motley #$%$ article. You have these loons post articles that just assume that GMO foods are bad, and you have these literal insane 'follow the leader' radical comments saying it is evil, with one nut saying, "if only I could give up candy" ~ well, I can definitely guarantee you that candy/sweets are definitely more harm#$%$l that eating gmo corn. People get on the bandwagon and they are told by the radical college student that gmo is evil, so that like that person, and just assume it must be true...too #$%$nny. And you have these phonies spewing stuff like there are so many studies saying gmo is bad. There are not! You have gmo accepted in one of the most difficult countries to even have a drug approved, where health of people has improved and cigarette smoking is much less by % than in the 70s. You have it just the opposite in countries of east Europe and Africa, yet they are more relunctant to use gmo. Well, Russia is now more accepting and they are also cracking down on public smoking. Just goes to show that knowledge is the key to surviving and living longer and for helping those survive who were previously starving.

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    • 5. Transfer: This technique involves making an illogical association between one thing and something else that is generally viewed as positive or negative. For example: " The American pioneers worked hard because they cared about the future. If you can about the future of your family, then see your agent at Pioneer Insurance."

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